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Willie Wang (Character)
from Murder by Death (1976)

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Murder by Death (1976)
Willie Wang: Who do you think is the murderer?
Sidney Wang: Must sleep on it. Will know in morning when wake up.
Willie Wang: But what if you don't wake up?
Sidney Wang: Then YOU did it.

Willie Wang: I don't hear nothin'. What do you hear?
Sidney Wang: Double negative, and dog.

Sidney Wang: Did you see that?
Willie Wang: No.
Sidney Wang: Neither did I.

Sidney Wang: Someone gone great trouble to make welcome guests not so welcome. Ring bell, please.
Willie Wang: Are you nuts, Pop? Someone's tryin' to KILL us!
Sidney Wang: Yes! Should make exciting weekend. Ring, please.
Willie Wang: [sullen] I sure wish it was Monday morning.

Willie Wang: Here's the bridge, Pop. Doesn't look safe to me.
Sidney Wang: One way to find out. Drive across.
[gets out of car]
Willie Wang: Aren't you gonna come with me?
Sidney Wang: Weight of two men may be too much for bridge.
Willie Wang: Then why do I get to drive the car?
Sidney Wang: 'Cause I smart enough to get out first.

Willie Wang: [driving across rickety bridge] I don't think I'm gonna make it, Pop. It's gonna collapse.
Sidney Wang: Don't worry. Father find other way to house.

Willie Wang: Holy Shanghai!

Willie Wang: Why do I do all the dirty work, Pop?
Sidney Wang: 'Cause your mother not here to do it.

Willie Wang: Good night, Dad.
Sidney Wang: Should have adopted pussycat.

Willie Wang: [as they are about to leave Twain Manor] ... I don't get something, Pop: WAS there a murder, or WASN'T there?
Sidney Wang: Yes: Killed good weekend. Drive, please.

Doctor Watson: [cutting-room floor-scene on the foggy road, near the movie's end; as the Wangs are departing from Twain Manor, they pass a vintage car heading up TO the Manor. The other car is driven by Holmes and Watson] ... I say, old boy! Could you possibly give us directions to - Hello, it's Mr. Sidney Wang!
Sherlock Holmes: [smoking his famous pipe] Greetings, Mr. Wang.
Sidney Wang: Ah, greetings to you as well! You have something to ask, I believe. Directions to where?
Doctor Watson: Ah, yes! We've been "cordially invited to dinner and a murder," by a Mr. Lionel Twain.
Willie Wang: *Lionel Twain?* Listen, you guys don't wanna...!
Sidney Wang: [cutting him off] Never mind him, please. Here - you go up this road, past bridge to "22 Twain." No can miss it.
Doctor Watson: Ever so much obliged. Good day, then!
[he and Holmes drive off]
Willie Wang: I don't get it, Pop! Why didn't you just tell them it was all a ripoff?
Sidney Wang: Ah, let idiots find out for themselves! Drive, please.

Willie Wang: I don't get it, Pop. Who would hire a blind butler?
Sidney Wang: Very clever. How much he know he get paid?

Dick Charleston: Excuse me, I was wondering if you've seen a white... Wang!
Willie Wang: A white wang?

Sidney Wang: Look at invitation. What number of house?
Willie Wang: 2... 2...
Sidney Wang: Correct. 22 Twain's
[choo choo train, i.e., Lionel Train]
Sidney Wang: house. Continue.