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Georgia Merkle (Character)
from The Cheap Detective (1978)

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The Cheap Detective (1978)
Lou Peckinpaugh: Your husband's dead a little over an hour and you're already dressed in black? How long you had that outfit waiting in the closet?
Georgia Merkle: You're wrong. I just bought it. There's an all-night widow shop at Fifth and Geary.

Lou Peckinpaugh: Are you sure the police didn't follow you here?
Georgia Merkle: I'm positive. They came with me.
[the door opens and the police come in]
Lou Peckinpaugh: This is definitely our last date, Georgia.
Lieutenant DiMaggio: Mind answering a few questions downtown, Lou?
Lou Peckinpaugh: We *are* downtown.
Lieutenant DiMaggio: [thinks a moment] Then this will be fine.

Lieutenant DiMaggio: What did you and Merkle argue about last Monday night?
Georgia Merkle: It's all right. Tell them, darling.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Don't call me darling in front of the police with a dead husband.

Lou Peckinpaugh: [Phone rings. Lou picks it up] Yeah?
Georgia Merkle: Lou, it's Georgia.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Oh, hello, Georgia. I just had you on my mind. What's new, kid?
Georgia Merkle: Floyd is dead.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Say that again?
Georgia Merkle: Lou, it's Georgia.
Lou Peckinpaugh: No, after that.
Georgia Merkle: Floyd is dead.