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Betty DeBoop (Character)
from The Cheap Detective (1978)

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The Cheap Detective (1978)
Betty DeBoop: Hello, Fred, I was hoping you'd drop by.
Lou Peckinpaugh: The name is Lou, and we've never met.
Betty DeBoop: Let's not get in a sweat about details. - Aren't you going to light my fire?
Lou Peckinpaugh: Certainly.
[He lights her cigarette]
Lou Peckinpaugh: I was just looking over your kindling wood.
Betty DeBoop: If you're not busy, Fred, I get off at two. Don't you think two's a good time to get off on?

Colonel Schlissel: What a pleasant surprise, Mr. DuChard.
Paul DuChard: So, the Black Fox and the Silver Wolf meet again, eh?
Colonel Schlissel: And of course, you remember the Gray Rabbit and the Blue Chipmunk.
Paul DuChard: May I present my wife Marlene.
Colonel Schlissel: The White Swan! Of course! It is always the most courageous of men who wins the most beautiful women, but it is only the ruthless who get to keep them.
Marlene DuChard: And it is a thousand candles that will burn for every brave soldier that marches to the steps of the drums of liberty, so that tyranny will never trample the spirit of freedom in the hearts of men, throughout a world thrown into darkness and despair.
Colonel Schlissel: Well spoken - whatever it means. Ah, may I present Miss DeBoop, like yourselves a well-built exile?
Betty DeBoop: Hi, honey. Don't let the Heinie get you down.
Marlene DuChard: It is despots and tryants who run our rivers red with the colors of a hundred trampled flags that unfurl in the winds of liberty, blowing over centuries of deprivation...
Paul DuChard: It's all right, darling, we made our point.
Marlene DuChard: ...where men who have known treachery and treason can still light torches in the caves of honor...

Lou Peckinpaugh: What you you doing here?
Betty DeBoop: I missed my boat.
Lou Peckinpaugh: It doesn't sail until tomorrow!
Betty DeBoop: So I missed it a little early.

Lou Peckinpaugh: Tell me nothing happened. Even if you lie, I'll believe you.
Betty DeBoop: Nothing happened.
Lou Peckinpaugh: It sounds worse than before.

Marcel: Gentlemen, may I present Miss Betty DeBoop from the Islands?
Colonel Schlissel: Caribbean or Virgin?
Betty DeBoop: Well, let's just say I came back a Caribbean.

Betty DeBoop: You'll be back.
Lou Peckinpaugh: What makes you think so?
Betty DeBoop: You forgot the glasses.