Jezebel Dezire
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Jezebel Dezire (Character)
from The Cheap Detective (1978)

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The Cheap Detective (1978)
Jezebel Dezire: See anything you like? I'm Jezebel Dezire - accent on the "desire."
Lou Peckinpaugh: How do you do? I'm Peck Loukinpaugh.
Jezebel Dezire: [giggling] Don't worry. I do that to everyone... even to myself.

Jezebel Dezire: Won't you join me in a little drinkie? What's your pleasure?
Lou Peckinpaugh: Uh, what you got there looks good.
Jezebel Dezire: I know... but I thought you'd like a little drink first.

Lou Peckinpaugh: You said on the phone last night, sir, that you thought that I could be of some service to you.
Jezebel Dezire: Just how good *is* your service?
Lou Peckinpaugh: I try to satisfy.
Jezebel Dezire: Do you charge by the hour or by the satisfaction?

Lou Peckinpaugh: Now why did he call me last night?
Jezebel Dezire: He thinks I'm cheating on him. He wants you to find out who the man is. Some of my jewelry is missing; Ezra thinks I gave it to my lover.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Did you give it to him?
Jezebel Dezire: Everything *but* my jewelry.

Jezebel Dezire: Just, mmm, a few trinkets and bourbles.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Trinkets and what?
Jezebel Dezire: Bourbles. You know, like "bourbles and bangles."
Lou Peckinpaugh: The word you're looking for, Mrs. Dezire, is "baubles." If you were an American you would know that. But the fact is, it's only Romanians that pronounce it "bourbles"! And that's why it's difficult for you, isn't it - Mrs. Vladimir Tserijemiwtz?
Jezebel Dezire: Oooh, ungh!
[now with heavy accent]
Jezebel Dezire: I told you we would not get away with it! I told you it was stupid idea! I told you I could not say "bourbles"! You are pretty fast on your tippy-toes, Mr. Peckinbush!
Ezra Dezire: But not quite tippy-toe enough!
[draws gun]
Ezra Dezire: Yes, Mr. Peckinpaugh. Is very clever how you figured out that I am Vladimir Tsijeremi - Tsijiza - Ts-Tsetsamuncze - Tsetzunseti - It's been so long since I said it, I forgot how to pronounce it! How does it go?
Lou Peckinpaugh: Tserijemiwtz.

Jezebel Dezire: Why don't you pull up a sofa and sit down?