Charlie Utter
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Charlie Utter (Character)
from "Deadwood" (2004)

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"Deadwood: E.B. Was Left Out (#2.7)" (2005)
Charlie Utter: That's twice you've fucking stared at me!
Francis Wolcott: I feel you breathing on my neck.
Charlie Utter: Should I exhale out my ass?
Francis Wolcott: And I believe you're doing it intentionally.
Charlie Utter: Why? You think I believe you're a fucking cunt?

Francis Wolcott: If we fight, it won't be a casual matter.
Charlie Utter: Oh, I see you've got your big fucking knife there. And hid somewhere on your persons you've probably got some pussified shooting instrument. But I am good at first impressions, and you are a fucking cunt! And I doubt you've fought many men, maybe even one!
[Charlie grabs Wolcott and begins to beat him. ]
Charlie Utter: Take a beating. And know how it fucking feels to be helpless and have no one fucking stick up for you!

"Deadwood: Amalgamation and Capital (#2.9)" (2005)
Charlie Utter: How did the two of you get along?
Calamity Jane: Did I just fucking say I was moving in there?
Charlie Utter: Which being it's a fucking whorehouse could indicate some fucking business arrangement or some other fucking thing.
Calamity Jane: Yeah, I'm gonna be Queen Hooker. You're a keen fucking student of the human scene, Charlie!

Charlie Utter: I'd best go, lest Mr. Amalgamation and capital takes one through the fucking head.
Seth Bullock: What's the import of that expression?
Charlie Utter: Do I look like I fuckin' know? Some big-shot eastern magazine reporter interviewin' Bill said that was what's changing things around.

"Deadwood: Reconnoitering the Rim (#1.3)" (2004)
Charlie Utter: [of his immediate predecessor in his hotel room] Fresh stain on the floor when I moved in. He may have checked out short a useful amount of blood.
Brom Garret: Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
Charlie Utter: That would make these accomplices you're talkin' about... dangerous people to deal with.
Brom Garret: Yes, I quite take your point. No honor among thieves.
Brom Garret: Well. Thanks for your time: I'll pursue my remedies in some other fashion.
Wild Bill Hickok: I don't think he took your point... quite.
Charlie Utter: I think he quite missed it.

"Deadwood: Amateur Night (#3.9)" (2006)
Charlie Utter: [about Jack Langrishe] There... is a strange fuckin' bird.

"Deadwood: Deep Water (#1.2)" (2004)
Calamity Jane: There's someone I need to go kill.
Charlie Utter: Wha? Who?
Calamity Jane: You are not my target, but keep bothering me and I'll add you to the list.

"Deadwood: Full Faith and Credit (#3.4)" (2006)
Calamity Jane: This succeeds, Bullock, what you're trying to work out here, I will doff hat to you and no fucking mistake.
Charlie Utter: Just don't let her take off her boots.