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George Hearst (Character)
from "Deadwood" (2004)

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"Deadwood: True Colors (#3.3)" (2006)
Cy Tolliver: I hope you'll take it as measure of my keenness, sir, and curiosity.
George Hearst: Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Tolliver, you wish to know your duties in my service.
Cy Tolliver: Well, I make my way through the muck to learn the details.
George Hearst: Your duties will be to answer like a dog when I call.
Cy Tolliver: [slightly taken aback] Like a dog.
George Hearst: Complications of intention on your part in dealings with me, or duplicity, or indirection - behavior, in short, which displeases me - will bring you a smack on the snout.
Cy Tolliver: Ouch.
George Hearst: When administered by a practiced hand, such a blow can be more painful and grievous even than your... recent sufferings.
Cy Tolliver: I don't doubt the hand would be practiced.
George Hearst: Mr. Swearengen recently discovered as much.
Cy Tolliver: I gather it cost him a finger.
George Hearst: But I should say too that, in these rooms just this afternoon, such displeasure brought me near to murdering the sheriff and... raping Mrs. Ellsworth. I have learned through time, Mr. Tolliver, and as repeatedly seem to forget, that whatever temporary comfort relieving my displeasure brings me, my long-term interests suffer. My proper traffic is with the earth. In my dealings with... people, I ought solely have to do with niggers. And whites who obey me like dogs.
Cy Tolliver: If he hadn't meant me to wag it, sir, why would the Lord give me a tail?

Cy Tolliver: Please. State your business.
George Hearst: Your letter from Mr. Wolcott, naming me as having knowledge of his misdeeds.
Cy Tolliver: A letter I mentioned to you, yes, in a conversation I regret.
George Hearst: Five percent of my holdings I recall as your demand, or you would circulate the letter's contents.
Cy Tolliver: Exactly what I regret and now find reprehensible, and why I thank God that you take a new look at me.
George Hearst: To this point, Mr. Tolliver, you make no materially different impression. Still lying, still bullshitting.
Cy Tolliver: I hope I'm not, sir, but I, I can certainly understand why that would be your material second impression.
George Hearst: Shall I show you the letter from Mr. Wolcott that I have in my possession?
Cy Tolliver: That's not necessary from my point of view. You tell me you've got it, I believe you.
[Hearst pulls the letter out of his coat pocket]
George Hearst: Here it is. Will you compare it to your letter? Verify its authenticity?
Cy Tolliver: That's not necessary.
George Hearst: Shall I read to you certain pertinent sections on Wolcott's assay of your nature and likely behavior after his death? His detailing your complicitous participation in the aftermath of his crimes? Disposing of the bodies and so forth? You have no letter from Wolcott, Mr. Tolliver.
Cy Tolliver: [sighing] Let's say that's the case.
George Hearst: I just did. Let's hear YOU say it.
Cy Tolliver: I have no letter from Mr. Wolcott.
George Hearst: Never did.
Cy Tolliver: I never did have one.
George Hearst: You're a lying, blackmailing sack of shit.
Cy Tolliver: What do you want?
George Hearst: I want you to go to work for me.

"Deadwood: A Two-Headed Beast (#3.5)" (2006)
George Hearst: [to Cy Tolliver] The Sheriff recently put me on notice. He is vigilant of my possible transgressions.
Seth Bullock: You sound drunk to me.
George Hearst: Whom are you addressing?
Seth Bullock: You. You sound drunk.
George Hearst: Do I?
[Seth nods]
George Hearst: Hmm. When I say, "Go fuck yourself, Sheriff," will you put that down to drunkenness or a high estimate of your athleticism?
Seth Bullock: Did you just tell me, "Fuck myself"?
George Hearst: I think I did. And to shut up, or I will quiet you myself.
Seth Bullock: You're under arrest.
George Hearst: Fuck you! And shut up, or I will shut you up for good.
[Seth draws his gun on Hearst]
Seth Bullock: For threatening a Peace Officer, I'm taking you into custody.
Cy Tolliver: Don't be stupid, Bullock...
Seth Bullock: Don't YOU be fucking stupid.
[Seth grabs Hearst by the ear and begins to drag him out of the Bella Union. Through clenched teeth, Seth snarls at Hearst... ]
Seth Bullock: Fuck... you.