Alma Garret
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Alma Garret (Character)
from "Deadwood" (2004)

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"Deadwood: Full Faith and Credit (#3.4)" (2006)
Alma Garret: What is Steve the Drunk's surname?

[Alma is called Mrs. Garret by a bank customer]
Alma Garret: Since you can read, you may wish to examine my name plate.

"Deadwood: Unauthorized Cinnamon (#3.7)" (2006)
Whitney Ellsworth: Evenin'.
Alma Garret: [through tears] Good evening.
Whitney Ellsworth: For bein' gone, I notice I'm frequently back. I come to kiss her goodnight.
[referring to Sophia]
Alma Garret: I tried to persuade her you'd done so last night.
Whitney Ellsworth: My beard always wakes her.
Alma Garret: She said so, feuding me. The thing I did that made you leave last night, the thing I was coming home to do again, I pray now to forgo forever.
Whitney Ellsworth: Not having me in this house is gonna improve your odds.
Alma Garret: I started using spirits at 17, Ellsworth, with no preminition we'd marry.
Whitney Ellsworth: My feelin's that bein' vessel of purpose is not your own, your eye was out for relief. But glimpsin' since how bein' your own vessel's preferable...let the pressure come off, you're liable to do alright.
Alma Garret: You are no pressure.
Whitney Ellsworth: My friendly hands'll always be out to both of ya.
[Alma takes his hand]
Whitney Ellsworth: May I interrupt her sleep with this beard?
Alma Garret: She'd be so glad if you did.