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Seth Bullock (Character)
from "Deadwood" (2004)

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"Deadwood: Sold Under Sin (#1.12)" (2004)
Seth Bullock: I'll be the fucking sheriff.
Al Swearengen: Starting when?
Seth Bullock: Starting now.
Al Swearengen: You have the tin?
Seth Bullock: I do.
Al Swearengen: Produce it.
[Seth stands up, and pulls out the badge]
Al Swearengen: On the tit.
Seth Bullock: I know where it goes.

Sol Star: I'm sensing you've done things today you wish you could amend, Seth.
Seth Bullock: What kind of man have I become, Sol?
Sol Star: I don't know. The day ain't fucking over.

Seth Bullock: [after beating Alma's father] Leave this camp. And draw a map for anyone who wants to believe your fucking lies. Anyone wants to put your daughter or her holdings in jeopardy, you show 'em how to get here. And you tell 'em I'll be waiting.

[Seth storms into the Gem and confronts Dan at the bar]
Seth Bullock: I don't care if the whole U.S. cavalry walks in here, you don't wanna pour another drink. You just wanna listen to me, 'cause if the man doesn't die whose face I just broke, he's gonna go to New York City and tell Brom Garret's people it breaks his heart to say so, but his daughter had their son murdered. He'll tell 'em. Knowin' how he does they won't want their son's rightful property in the hands of the woman who killed him, he'll swear to what he heard from her own lips, and those society people in New York City, who live with their heads up their asses anyway, will believe him. And whoever they send out here may take up to fifteen minutes before they decide that you were involved in the transaction first to last; it must've been you and your boss she hired to push her idiot husband off the cliff. 'Course, they'll be wrong about Mrs. Garret, but they'll be right as rain about you two cocksuckers. You tell him all that upstairs.
Dan Dority: [calmly] If he don't die.
Seth Bullock: If he don't die. I don't think I killed him.
Dan Dority: Just so I understand you... if he don't die... you're sayin' the man's luck don't have to hold out. Now that's the message you want me to take upstairs.
Seth Bullock: I don't swim in that shit.
[Dan smiles and nods at the sheriff's badge in Seth's hand]
Dan Dority: You oughta pin that on your chest. You're hypocrite enough to wear it.
Seth Bullock: You just tell him.

E.B. Farnum: [as Russell leaves the hotel] Antemeridian constitutional, Mr. Russell? Or will we roll the bones again?
Otis Russell: It must cost you sleep. The guests you drive off, the chances of thievin' and bilkin' you lose, needing to rub against your betters.
[he smiles and heads for the door, but before he can walk out, Seth confronts him in a barely concealed rage]
Seth Bullock: You and I are gonna talk.
Otis Russell: You don't account for my preferences, Mr. Bullock?
Seth Bullock: I will beat you here in the street.
Otis Russell: First-rate thinking.
[he steps around Seth and begins walking; Seth follows him]
Otis Russell: My daughter's agent beats her father in the street. How better to condemn Alma to deepened suspicion as to her role in her husband's violent death, and widen suspicion to include yourself? Shoot craps, Mr. Bullock?
[they head into the Bella Union, as everyone in town watches or follows them in. E.B. grabs his hat and heads for the door]
E.B. Farnum: [to Richardson] I know what's in the till.
[Russell and Seth walk over to Eddie's craps table]
Otis Russell: Were you bullied, Mr. Bullock, when young and incapable? And now you see wrongs everywhere and bullying you feel called to remedy?
[he throws some money down on the table]
Otis Russell: Ten, lay due.
Eddie Sawyer: New shooter, comin' out.
Otis Russell: The bully who oppressed your youth isn't at the table with us. Perhaps he's long dead.
[he rolls the dice]
Eddie Sawyer: Eight, point is eight.
Otis Russell: If you would view the present with more clarity, perhaps you'd recognize that I'm not victimizing my daughter but merely asking for a small portion of the ample proceeds from her vein.
[he rolls again]
Eddie Sawyer: Seven out.
Otis Russell: Alma is hurt only in your particular view of things. Ten again, lay due.
[he slaps some more money on the table, staring straight at Seth this time]
Otis Russell: And while I'll sign no guarantee not to return, or against any future claim on her compassion, realize I do hate it here. And if you inhale and expel pure righteousness, my olfactories are keen to the smell of shit.
[he rolls again]
Eddie Sawyer: Six, the point is six.
Otis Russell: Having heard all that, and knowing, as you must, the injudiciousness of making an enemy of a man who could testify truthfully that five minutes before her marriage, he heard his daughter wish her prospective husband dead, and who won't shrink from lying as to what she admitted to him on his arrival in this cesspool as to her complicity in her husband's murder... I suppose you'd best take your swing.
[Seth looks at him for a moment, then punches him in the face, knocking him to the floor]
Eddie Sawyer: [not upset at all] Gentlemen, watch the felt.
[Seth begins savagely beating Russell]
Sol Star: Seth!
[he keeps going]
Sol Star: Seth!
[he keeps going]
Sol Star: Seth!
[Seth finally stands up]
Seth Bullock: All right. Leave this this camp, and draw a map for anyone who wants to believe your fuckin' lies. Anyone who wants to put your daughter or her holdings in jeopardy, you show 'em how to get here. And you tell 'em I'll be waiting.

"Deadwood: Full Faith and Credit (#3.4)" (2006)
Seth Bullock: I'm not a godamn errand boy. To mule this thing back and forth.

Seth Bullock: Is that your goddamn idea of quick, Charlie?

"Deadwood: True Colors (#3.3)" (2006)
[Seth walks into the Gem as Al, Dan, and Johnny discuss the arrival of Jack Langrishe]
Al Swearengen: Bullock.
Seth Bullock: Tell that Chinaman when I want admission to his meat locker, it behooves him to fuckin' cooperate.
Al Swearengen: What did he do instead?
Seth Bullock: Said, "Swejen," and barred my way.
Al Swearengen: Had you eyes to select your own cut?
Seth Bullock: Are you gonna fuck with me? I had eyes for the Cornishman killed in here last week. I explained it to him, and he goddamn understood me.
Dan Dority: Did he mosey over to a corner, lift up a fuckin' tarp?
Seth Bullock: Yeah, he went to the tarp.
Al Swearengen: That's what the croaker was under.
Johnny Burns: That's our nook in Wu's structure.
[Al motions to Johnny, who grabs a shot glass and slides it down the bar. Al pours himself and Seth a drink]
Al Swearengen: Why Wu delayed cooperatin', he hadn't known the croaker was under there. His stupid suit so overcome me, it slipped my mind to tell him.
Seth Bullock: I want that body.
Al Swearengen: I'll see Wu hands it over.
[Seth drinks his shot]
Seth Bullock: Hearst just had another Cornish killed at his diggings for tryin' to organize. They're callin' that one an accident.
Al Swearengen: What makes you think any good'll come of confrontin' Hearst now?
Seth Bullock: Now is when he's killin' people.
Al Swearengen: What, you feel he'll leave off soon?
Seth Bullock: Tactics and timin' ain't the issue.
Al Swearengen: The hell you say.
[brief pause, as Al drinks his shot while looking straight at Seth]
Seth Bullock: If his pigs get that body, Wu is their next fuckin' meal. You make him understand.

"Deadwood: Amateur Night (#3.9)" (2006)
[Sheriff Bullock has imprisoned one of the Pinkertons. Johnny knocks on the door of Utter Freight, apparently to summon Bullock to a meeting with Al]
Johnny Burns: Sheriff?
Seth Bullock: Tell him I ain't comin' for his lecture. Tell him I don't need it. Tell him if my temper was gonna get the best of me, this cocksucker's brains'd be on the floor. Tell him I've got it, alright? Tell him I'm on top of it.
[Johnny nods and leaves]

"Deadwood: Mister Wu (#1.10)" (2004)
Sol Star: I don't suppose you need me to say it. But if there's a Heaven, your brother sees what you did and he's grateful.
Seth Bullock: Perhaps he sees me borrowing his life so that I didn't have to live my own.
Sol Star: People have made good lives out of borrowed ones before.

"Deadwood: A Two-Headed Beast (#3.5)" (2006)
George Hearst: [to Cy Tolliver] The Sheriff recently put me on notice. He is vigilant of my possible transgressions.
Seth Bullock: You sound drunk to me.
George Hearst: Whom are you addressing?
Seth Bullock: You. You sound drunk.
George Hearst: Do I?
[Seth nods]
George Hearst: Hmm. When I say, "Go fuck yourself, Sheriff," will you put that down to drunkenness or a high estimate of your athleticism?
Seth Bullock: Did you just tell me, "Fuck myself"?
George Hearst: I think I did. And to shut up, or I will quiet you myself.
Seth Bullock: You're under arrest.
George Hearst: Fuck you! And shut up, or I will shut you up for good.
[Seth draws his gun on Hearst]
Seth Bullock: For threatening a Peace Officer, I'm taking you into custody.
Cy Tolliver: Don't be stupid, Bullock...
Seth Bullock: Don't YOU be fucking stupid.
[Seth grabs Hearst by the ear and begins to drag him out of the Bella Union. Through clenched teeth, Seth snarls at Hearst... ]
Seth Bullock: Fuck... you.

"Deadwood: Amalgamation and Capital (#2.9)" (2005)
Charlie Utter: I'd best go, lest Mr. Amalgamation and capital takes one through the fucking head.
Seth Bullock: What's the import of that expression?
Charlie Utter: Do I look like I fuckin' know? Some big-shot eastern magazine reporter interviewin' Bill said that was what's changing things around.

"Deadwood: Bullock Returns to the Camp (#1.7)" (2004)
Seth Bullock: You and I know how it is, Mr. Swearingen.
Al Swearengen: How what is?
Seth Bullock: [stands] She gets a square shake... or I come for you.
Al Swearengen: [stands] What if I come for you? You ready for that?
Seth Bullock: I guess I'd better be.
Al Swearengen: Then close your fuckin' store, 'cause being ready for me'll take care of your wakin' hours, and you'd better have someone to hand the task off to when you close your fuckin' eyes.
[they silently take each other's measure]
Seth Bullock: We understand each other.

"Deadwood: Tell Your God to Ready for Blood (#3.1)" (2006)
Seth Bullock: You piece of shit.
[Bullock grabs E.B. and throws him to the ground]
E.B. Farnum: How have I given offence.
[Bullock begins to beat E.B]
E.B. Farnum: [to Richardson] Call the law.