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Quotes for
Cody (Character)
from The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

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The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
McLeach: It's all over, boy. Your bird's dead. Someone shot her. Shot her, right out of the sky. Bang!
Cody: No!
McLeach: What do you mean no? You calling me a liar? I heard it on the radio this morning, and she could have been mine if it wasn't for you. Now you better get out of here before I change my mind. G'on, git!
Bernard: Why is he letting him go?
Jake: It's gotta be a trick.
McLeach: Too bad about those eggs, eh, Joanna? They won't survive without their mother. Oh, well. Survival of the fittest, I guess.
[Cody runs off]
McLeach: Bingo.

Cody: My mom will call the Rangers!
McLeach: [faking fear] Oh, no! Not the Rangers. What'll I do? What'll I do? Don't let your ma call the Rangers, please!
[McLeach tosses Cody's backpack in the water, where crocodiles attack it]
McLeach: My poor baby boy got eaten by the crocodiles. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Cody: There must be a way out of here.
Krebbs: Oh, there's a way out, all right.
Red, Frank: There is?
Krebbs: [to Red] Absolutely! YOU'LL go as a wallet,
[to platypus]
Krebbs: YOU'LL go as a belt, and our dear Frank...
Frank: No, no, no! I don't want to hear it!
Krebbs: Frank will go as...
Frank: I can't hear you!
[covers ears while singing nonsense; stops to see if Krebbs is done]
Krebbs: A purse.
Frank: Oh, no!
Krebbs: Oh, a lovely lady's purse.
Frank: I don't want to go as a purse! Please, please don't let him do it!

McLeach: Say, where'd you get this pretty feather, boy?
Cody: It was a present.
McLeach: Aw, that's real nice. Who gave it to ya?
Cody: It's a... secret.
McLeach: That's no secret, boy.
McLeach: [pulls out tattered feather]
McLeach: You see, I already got the father.
McLeach: [makes throat-slashing gesture]
McLeach: Now you just tell me where Mama and those little eggs are.
Cody: No!

McLeach: [McLeach is sharpening several knives. Cody sits tied up in front of a map] Let's see if we can't refresh that rusty old memory of yours. Is she on Satan's Ridge?
[He throws one knife and it sticks on the map under lettering that says "Satan's Ridge"]
McLeach: Or Nightmare Canyon?
[He tosses another knife, again with perfect accuracy]
McLeach: What do you think Joanna?
[Joanna breaks an animal cracker in half]
McLeach: Yeah, that's it. Right smack dab in the middle of that Croc Falls, ZAP!
[This time the knife comes dangerously close to Cody's head]
McLeach: Am I getting warm?
Cody: I told you I don't remember!
[He starts walking towards Cody carrying a fourth knife]
McLeach: Don't realize that a bird that size is worth a fortune!
[McLeach stabs the wall]
McLeach: I'll split the money with ya fifty-fifty. You can't get a better offer than that boy.
Cody: You won't have ANY money when the rRngers get through with you!
[McLeach walks across the room growling the whole way. He kicks over a pot of boiling water]

McLeach: Well, Joanna what'd we get today? A dingo, a fat old razorback or a nice big... boy?
[He pauses for a moment and then kicks Joanna in the side]
McLeach: Joanna, you been out here digging holes again? Dumb lizard's always trying to bury squirrels out here.
Cody: Uh-uh. It's a trap, and poaching's against the law.
McLeach: Trap? Now where'd you get an idea like that, boy; I think you've been down in that hole too long.

[McLeach throws Cody into an Animal Cage, in an area where he's captured multiple animals already]
McLeach: I'll give you a Night down here to think about it.
Cody: I'm NEVER Telling!
[McLeach and Joanna leave]