'Pops' McKenna
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'Pops' McKenna (Character)
from Dirty Work (1998)

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Dirty Work (1998)
Mitch: Good news, Mr. McKenna!
Pops: All right, boys! Bring on the whore!
Mitch: No, it's not a whore - we're gonna get you the fifty thousand dollars for your heart transplant!
Pops: Well, that's good too.

Pops: I'm in whore heaven!

Pops: Back then we didn't have these fancy birth control methods. Like pulling out.

Pops: Let me take you to Vegas, baby! You know what they say, it ain't over till the fat lady checks into a cheap hotel with Pops.

Pops: You didn't tell him, did you?
Mitch: Oh, no, no.
Pops: Thanks.
Mitch: But look, I still want to, and I, I can't promise you that I won't.
[Pops reaches forward. Mitch remembers when Pops grabbed his groin in a blackmail maneuvre earlier and lunges for the floor with a yell]
Pops: I'm just getting my photo album! What are you so jumpy about?
Mitch: I don't know. Maybe it's your, your lifelong pattern of random assault.