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Quotes for
Mark (Character)
from Playing by Heart (1998)

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Playing by Heart (1998)
Mark: This is a hell of a way for you to find out.
Mildred: Find out what?
Mark: Well, that I'm gay for one thing... come on, you never suspected?
Mildred: You were always so good at sports.
[They laugh]
Mildred: So what's the other thing?
Mark: What other thing?
Mildred: You said "that I'm gay for one thing" so what's the other thing?
Mark: That I'm dying.

Mark: Let's play a game.
Mildred: Okay, want me to get a pack of cards?
Mark: Not that kind of game.
Mildred: Okay, what?
Mark: Tell me something that I don't know.
Mildred: What do you mean?
Mark: You know, something I wouldn't have known about you.
Mildred: Oh, I don't know...
Mark: Please, mom.
Mildred: Okay.
[pauses for about 2 seconds]
Mildred: Well, I never loved your father.
Mark: [totally shocked] What?
Mildred: I never did.
Mark: Wow, you're really good at this.
Mildred: Truth be told, when he died, I felt relieved more than anything else.
Mark: [still totally shocked] Gee, Mom, don't hold anything back.