Peter Martin
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Peter Martin (Character)
from Westworld (1973)

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Westworld (1973)
Peter Martin: You talk too much.
Robot Gunslinger: You say something, boy?
Peter Martin: I said you talk too much.
Robot Gunslinger: Why don't you make me shut up?

John Blane: [surprised] I'm shot
Peter Martin: [in disbelief] What?
John Blane: I... I'm shot!
[falls to the ground]

Miss Carrie: Well, you come to the right place. There's plenty of fun here. That's Cindy and Arlette. Arlette's from Paris. Perhaps you gentlemen are taking a liking to 'em?
John Blane: Perhaps.
Miss Carrie: They're real accommodating.
John Blane: They eh, they look it.
Miss Carrie: Why don't you just go on upstairs and we'll reckon accounts later.
John Blane: Sounds good to me.
Peter Martin: John, are those two girls machines?
John Blane: Now, how can you say a thing like that. Come on.

Peter Martin: What's the matter with you?
Technician: Hold out your hands. Lemme see your hands!... You're a guest! You really gave me a scare. Look, ah, everything's broken down! The machines have gone crazy!
Peter Martin: You know about the machines?
Technician: Yeah. I repair 'em.
Peter Martin: There's one chasing me now... a gunslinger.
Technician: Gunslinger... must be a model 404, maybe a 406. If he's a 406, he's got all the sensory equipment... Ah! it's a beautiful machine!
Peter Martin: He's after me!
Technician: I don't doubt it!
Peter Martin: What can I do?
Technician: There's nothing you can do! If he's after you, he'll get you! You haven't got a chance!
Peter Martin: There must be something!
Technician: Oh, don't kid yourself! There's things you could try... acid for his visual systems... noise for his hearing... no matter what you do, he'll always be one step ahead of you! You haven't got a chance!
Peter Martin: Yes, I do.