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Anthony (Character)
from Millions (2004)

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Millions (2004)
Anthony: What did you bring a thousand pounds to school for? Can't you see that's suspicious?
Damian Cunningham: It's not suspicious, it's unusual.

Headteacher: Would you like to tell us why you did it Anthony?
Anthony: [pause] Our mum's dead!

Anthony: [to Damian] If you tell the government they will take forty percent of it. FORTY PERCENT! Do you know how much that is?
[Damian shakes his head]
Anthony: That's nearly ALL of it.

[after realizing the trouble that Damian's "gift" has caused]
Anthony: [to Damian] You're a loony, and you ought to be *locked up!*

Anthony: You do realise, you just kissed goodbye to the money.
Ronnie: Come on, let's get cracking.
Anthony: She's going to run off with it, you must know that?
Ronnie: Come on! How can she, she's got Damian?
Anthony: She'll kidnap him, hold him to ransom for the rest of the money.
Ronnie: No, Anthony, that's what *you'd* do.