Alan Hakman
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Alan Hakman (Character)
from The Final Cut (2004)

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The Final Cut (2004)
Alan: If I try it myself, I'll die. And I will try it myself.

Alan: There will be nothing I won't know soon.

Alan: You wanna take a shot too? Everybody else has.

Jennifer: Perhaps... some things are best forgotten.
Alan: Perhaps.

Alan Hakman: [dying words] Will you look at that?

Alan Hakman: The dead mean nothing to me, Mrs. Bannister. I took this job because I respect the living.

Alan Hakman: I forgive people long after they can be punished for their sins.

Alan Hakman: My job is to let people remember what they want to remember, Fletcher. It fulfilled a human need. I didn't invent the technology.

Hasan: May I speak frankly with you, Alan?
Alan Hakman: Oh, Please.
Hasan: You're a real prick.

Delila: Why are you here? You know it doesn't work between us.
Alan Hakman: I can change.
Delila: You can't change. You're a man of marble.
Alan Hakman: I still have some of your things. You want me to drop them off?
Delila: Keep them as souvenirs.
Alan Hakman: You wanna come by and pick them up?

Fletcher: It's a strange profession you have, isn't it, Alan? You take people's lives, make lies out of them.
Alan Hakman: It's been a long time, Fletcher.
Fletcher: Eight years.
Alan Hakman: Well, I don't have time to catch up right now.
Fletcher: How can you handle it, Alan? People sleeping and shitting... people stealing from each other... manipulating each other.. the obscenity.
Alan Hakman: I can't talk, I'm working.

Alan Hakman: I need to speak to you alone.
Thelma: Michael, why don't you go down to the store and buy some cigarettes?
Michael: We got eight packs already.
Thelma: Well, bring them back then. We don't need so many.

Mrs. Monroe: Why are they tattooed like that?
Alan Hakman: I'm not sure.
Mrs. Monroe: It's so grotesque.

Delila: Your phonecall got me all worried. I saw the mirror, what happened?
Alan Hakman: I saw something.

Delila: What do you have in this dump?
Alan Hakman: Not much.

Delila: What is it?
Alan Hakman: Some implants have defect. They can't see the difference between what the eye sees and what the mind sees.
Delila: Everytime I think I've had it with you, you show me something amazing.

Delila: You fell in love with an image of me. Not the real me.
Alan Hakman: At first. Now I want you the way you really are.
Delila: I can't believe you after what you did.

Alan: [in the library] Is Suicide under Self-Help?

Alan: Then you know what it's like to be haunted. One memory... one single incident has made me who I am. It won't leave me be. The guilt tears me apart.

Alan: He died of a coronary complication.
Simon: I was a complication, or didn't you get to that part yet?

Legz, the Tattoo Artist: Now first we do the audio tattoo... and we wait a week. If you don't get a migraine and your system takes it... then we'll do the video tattoo.
Alan: Do I have to cover my whole face?
Legz, the Tattoo Artist: No. Those guys
[referring to the men in the lobby with large face tattoos]
Legz, the Tattoo Artist: ... they're just young and angry. You want it discrete.
Alan: Very.
Legz, the Tattoo Artist: Yeah.
Alan: Will this hurt?
Legz, the Tattoo Artist: Oh, yeah.

Delila: What about all the bits in between?
Alan: It's a miniature. Concise, symmetrical. That's the way the world looks to me... the way I see it.
Delila: How do you do this?
Alan: It's what I was meant to do.
Delila: You were meant to live your own life too.

Alan: Some of us still live by the code, Fletcher. We didn't walk away. We have what it takes.
Fletcher: And what does it take, Alan? Delusion? Obsession? Guilt? No, I don't have any of those... not as much as you do.

Delila: A new cutting project? That, that's what you're talking to be about, Alan?
Alan: Well, more than that.
Delila: Alan, you've seen so much life and somehow you miss the point.

Thelma: Give the footage back to the widow. Let her deal with it.
Alan: I can't give it back. There's someone in that project I haven't seen for years.
Thelma: I hate it when that happens.

Alan: They say that friends help you move, but good friends help you move bodies, don't they?

Isabel Bannister: Alan? Are you gonna fix what my daddy can remember?
Alan: In a way, yes.
Isabel Bannister: Can you make him forget that I drew on his contract with crayon.
Alan: I will.
Isabel Bannister: And that I pulled Dottie's hard so hard that she cried. Will he forget that?
Alan: He'll forget.
Alan: But make sure you don't.

Fletcher: I heard you're not cutting any more.
Alan: I've had enough of other people's lives.

[first lines]
Young Louis - 9: Can I play?
Young Alan - 9: Do you have any marbles?
Young Louis - 9: Yep.
[reaches into his pocket]
Young Alan - 9: Okay.
Young Louis - 9: Thanks.
Young Alan - 9: You're welcome. So what's your name?
Young Louis - 9: Louis. Yours?
Young Alan - 9: Alan.
Young Louis - 9: You're not from around here, are you?
Young Alan - 9: No. I'm here with my parents for the day.