Gen. James 'Paladin' Taggart
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Wing Commander (1999)
Taggart: Let's make our miracle.

Blair: What happened?
Taggart: You just plotted a jump through a gravity well in under 10 seconds. The Navcom can't do that.
Maniac: That's not bad. I mean, that's not bad for the second best pilot in the Academy!
Taggart: YOU SHUT UP! Next time you don't follow my orders I dump you with the rest of the garbage, you got that? You plot a course for the Tiger Claw, Mr Blair.
Blair: Yes sir.
[Taggart leaves the cockpit]
Maniac: That guy's got a serious attitude problem.

Blair: My whole life, I've taken crap because I'm part Pilgrim. And I don't know why.
Taggart: Sit down. You're one of the last descendants of a dying race. Pilgrims were the first space explorers and sailors. For five centuries they defied the odds. They embraced space, and for that, they were rewarded with a flawless sense of direction. They could feel magnetic fields created by quasars and black holes, negotiate singularities, navigate not just the stars, but space-time itself.
Blair: Like a Navcom AI?
Taggart: No no, you've got it backwards. The billions of calculations each second necessary to lead us through a black hole or quasar is the Navcom recreation of the mind of a single Pilgrim.
Blair: Then why did the war start?
Taggart: You spend so much time out here alone, you end up losing your humanity. When Pilgrims began to lose touch with their heritage, they saw themselves as superior to man. And in their arrogance, they chose to abandon all things human and follow what they called their destiny. Some say they believed they were gods.
Blair: Do you believe they were gods?
Taggart: No. But I do believe they were touched by God. Like it or not, you've got some of that inside you.

[Gerald comes onto the Diligent wearing a combat suit]
Taggart: Aren't you on the wrong ship, Commander?
Cdr. Gerald: I still have a responsibility to this crew, Commodore. And excuse my bluntness, but if you think I'm going to let my men be flown into combat by a rogue and a half-breed, you are sadly mistaken.
Taggart: [to Blair] He really is a good guy once you get to know him.

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994) (VG)
Paladin: [observing the wreckage of the Concordia] May they rest in peace.
Blair: Peace. Have we ever known anything like that, Paladin?
Paladin: Not for a long time, laddie.

Paladin: [at the briefing for the crucial mission of rescuing Dr. Severin, an important scientist] I know you hear this all the time, because I used to hear it all the time too, but this may be the most important mission you'll ever fly. I wish I had the reflexes I had 10 years ago, laddie, I'd be flying on your wing. It's going to take all the self-control I have not to strap myself back into the cockpit. Because if we fail here, God help humanity.

[Paladin comes aboard the Victory shortly after Blair has discovered Angel's fate]
Blair: You missed all the fun.
Paladin: I wish I'd been there. I'm tired of flying a desk. I hear you had a little run-in with Thrakhath.
Blair: Yes I did. You son of a bitch.
Paladin: It pains me that you had to found out that way.
Blair: Have long have you known?
Paladin: Ahh... since the Concordia went down.
[Blair punches Paladin hard in the jaw]
Paladin: Well! You haven't lost your touch!
Blair: On Vespus, you stood there and lied to me!
Paladin: I was under orders, laddie.
Blair: All those missions we flew together, you on my wing protecting me?
Paladin: I was protecting you by not telling you! You just see what you nearly did when you found out! I was protecting you from yourself.
Blair: You know how much she meant to me.
Paladin: I do. But this is war, laddie. All of us have lost someone dear to us. That does not make you special.
Blair: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1996) (VG)
Blair: [Blair is debating with Tolwyn of front of the Confederation Assembly] Admiral, do you believe the strong always survive?
Admiral Tolwyn: With every fibre of my being.
Blair: Is that why the head of the Black Lance forces is a product of the Genetic Enhancement program?
[consternation rumbles among the Assembly]
Paladin: That program was cancelled years ago!
Admiral Tolwyn: He's more of a warrior than you will ever be, Colonel. He is excellence personified. He is...
Blair: He is dead!
Admiral Tolwyn: He is... symbolic of all that we will achieve in the future.
Blair: And what is the expense of these achievements, Admiral? The lives already lost to your Black Lance forces, the millions more that will die if this Assembly votes for war? Space Marshal Tolwyn believes that our victory over the Kilrathi was a fluke. That we as a race need tinkering with, engineering! If a few billion die along the way, well they weren't worthy anyway! Why can't we be more like the Kilrathi, addicted to conflict, the only meaning in life being found in death, tell us all, Admiral! Is that the price of freedom?
Admiral Tolwyn: Mankind was at its zenith when fighting the Kilrathi. Now our society is crumbing. We have no goals and no focus, we've grown complacent and confused. Who will protect us when the next race tries to dominate us? Who can tell where that threat will come from and when? No, we must be prepared. Progress only comes through struggle. Fighting keeps us fit. Conflict ensures our readiness and our survival. The Kilrathi understood this. They endured for millions of years and so shall we if we continue fighting. If we continue to perfect our methods of killing...
[a hand comes down on his shoulder. It is Paladin, the Assembly Master]
Paladin: I think we've heard enough. The Assembly will now vote.