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Col. Jacob 'Hawk' Manley (Character)
from Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1996) (VG)

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Wing Commander: Prophecy (1997) (VG)
[At the end of a briefing]
CAG: Oh, and one more thing. Major Marshall.
[Maniac has fallen asleep. Hawk licks his finger and sticks it in his ear, waking him up]
Maniac: Um, uh, present.
CAG: Major, you are now in command of the Black Widows squadron. I expect your Bravo wing to provide backup for Alpha.
Maniac: Yes, sir.
CAG: You're dismissed.
[the other pilots get up and leave the room]
Hawk: What's the problem, Major?
Maniac: After all these years, to finally have my own squadron.
Hawk: To be in control?
Maniac: Yeah.
Hawk: To be in command?
Maniac: Yeah.
Hawk: To be the one they string up when your squadron screws the pooch on a mission?
Maniac: Yeah... hey wait a minute!

Kilrathi: Do not get in the way, apes.
Hawk: If I decide to "get in the way," you won't be around long enough to stop me.

Hawk: Missed you at mess this morning.
Casey: Yeah, I wasn't hungry.
Hawk: You weren't in the mood to eat. That's not the same as not being hungry.
Casey: Do you have a point, Colonel?
Hawk: Blair. You're still blaming yourself for what happened. It's tearing you up inside. I can see it. Are you having nightmares about him yet?
[Casey nods]
Hawk: Sit down, Lieutenant. You know, on one of my first missions in the last war, I lost three wingmen, including two bunk mates. I was ready to sign for a psych discharge. I was a wreck. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, just kept seeing their faces every time I closed my eyes. And this Major took me aside, he said "They're dead and you're not. Get used to it."
Casey: Yeah, easy for him to say.
Hawk: Yeah... But not so easy for him to sign on as my wingman, which he did. Next mission out, he's got my six. I'm not in the groove yet. He had to kill a clan of Cats til I got myself together.
Casey: Who was it, Blair?
Hawk: Your father.
Casey: My father?
Hawk: [Getting up] Now, get some sleep, get something to eat and forget about Blair. You're a good pilot and you're still alive. You should try to stay that way.
Casey: Is that what my father would have said?
[Hawk smiles]