Todd 'Maniac' Marshall
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Todd 'Maniac' Marshall (Character)
from Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994) (VG)

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Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994) (VG)
Maniac: Well, well, if it isn't the Colonel. I'm sorry I couldn't make your welcoming party.
Blair: Well, I guess you had more "pressing" maneuvers to undertake, Maniac.
Maniac: When duty calls, I'm there.
Maniac: Women like the smell of success.
Blair: Uh-huh. You know I'm surprised you haven't been blown out of the sky by now, Maniac... by friendly fire.
Maniac: Some people appreciate my flying style. I do what's necessary to win, OK? I suppose you still fly with one eye on the regs manual?
Blair: I don't take stupid risks.
Maniac: Speaking of stupid, I also heard you put Hobbes back on the flight roster.
Blair: My, my. Word travels fast on this tub.
Maniac: Never understood what you saw in that cat.
Blair: Simple, I need a wingman I can count on.
Maniac: You can't trust someone who will kill their own kind.
Blair: Who I choose as my wingman is my prerogative, it's privildge of rank.
Maniac: I'll bet you stay up late nights just polishing it, huh?
Blair: No, as a matter of fact I have Majors who do that for me.
Maniac: The difference in our rank is a formality. We both know who's better in the cockpit.
Blair: Yeah. We do.
[he walks off]

Blair: I've got news for you, Tolwyn had nothing with your lack of promotion, your flying style took care of that for you. Tolwyn doesn't even know you're alive.
Maniac: That's what you think. Everybody knows about the Maniac, everybody.
[Blair walks away]
Maniac: How many people here know about the Maniac?
[no one answers]
Maniac: Oh what, nobody?

[Blair walks up behind Maniac and Flint, who watching Flash flying in the Excalibur]
Maniac: They ought to shoot that kid, if you ask me. At least strap him to one of my thrusters on the next mission.
Flint: [noticing Blair behind Maniac] As usual Maniac, your solution to the problem is brainless.
Maniac: Me, any chance I get, I'm up in the air. They're gonna have to pry my dead carcass out of the cockpit.
Flint: Oh, stop banging your chest, you're gonna bruise it. The Colonel will deal him.
Maniac: The Colonel is a spineless...
Blair: [interrupting] I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you... Major.
Maniac: Uh, we were just speculating on when the new pilot might pull his own weight.
Blair: Uh-huh. Well, one way or another we'll find out what Flash is made of. I guarantee you that.
[he pats Maniac on the shoulder and walks off]
Maniac: [to Flint] Does he pat you like that?

[on completion of the game, after the end credits, an outtake of the scene with Blair, Maniac and Flint early in the game; Blair pats Maniac on the shoulder and walks off]
Maniac: Isn't that the guy from Star Wars?

[Maniac has noticed Blair talking to Rachel, the sexy mechanic]
Maniac: Well, if it isn't loverboy himself. I saw you putting the moves on everybody's favourite little grease monkey.
Blair: Jealous?
Maniac: Oh, I don't think getting into her pants requires any high-risk manoeuvring.
Blair: Well, just the fact that it takes manoeuvring leaves you breathing my engine exhaust, doesn't it?
[he walks off]
Maniac: Yeah.
[he flicks through his Playboy magazine]
Maniac: Oh man, I've dated all you girls!
[he tosses it down]

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1996) (VG)
[Blair and Maniac have just defected from Confed and Blair is trying to cheer Maniac up]
Blair: Will you look on the bright side, at least now you won't have to deal with that Confed promotion that finally came through.
Maniac: My promotion came? My promotion! Confed... that's not right...

Vagabond: Full house, Aces and Eights.
Maniac: [Humming God Save the Queen] Hm hm hm hm hm hm, Hm Hm Hm Hm HM HM, I GOT FOUR QUEENS!

Maniac: [the young officers are all starstruck by Blair, who is famous for ending the Kilrathi war] All hail, the mighty Heart of Tiger! You know, you're not the only war hero in Confed, I've taken out more cats than most ships' entire attachments. Do I get the red carpet treatment? No, I carry my own duffel bag, I don't go schmoozing with the Admiral.
[in a fawning voice]
Maniac: Admiral Tolwyn, Tolwyn, Tol... has he said anything about me?
Blair: You haven't heard? He couldn't stop talking about you, Maniac.
Maniac: What?
Blair: Well, it's classified. I mean I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Maniac: [Maniac has just been shunned by a woman in the bar] I guess women out here on the edge of nowhere can't appreciate a civilised man.
Blair: Sure they do. When they meet one.
Maniac: Good to see you too, Colonel, or should I say Farmer Blair? Glad you could fit me into your busy schedule.
Blair: It's a peaceful life.
Maniac: I've always said you're either an earthworm or an eagle.

Wing Commander (1999)
Rosie Forbes: You've got balls.
Maniac: You should see 'em.
Rosie Forbes: Mine are bigger.
Maniac: I've been told size doesn't matter.
Rosie Forbes: She lied.

Blair: What happened?
Taggart: You just plotted a jump through a gravity well in under 10 seconds. The Navcom can't do that.
Maniac: That's not bad. I mean, that's not bad for the second best pilot in the Academy!
Taggart: YOU SHUT UP! Next time you don't follow my orders I dump you with the rest of the garbage, you got that? You plot a course for the Tiger Claw, Mr Blair.
Blair: Yes sir.
[Taggart leaves the cockpit]
Maniac: That guy's got a serious attitude problem.

[after Rosie completes a barrel roll the second before landing]
Maniac: Now that was a sweet 360!
Rosie Forbes: Actually, that was a 540.
Maniac: Did you just do that to impress me?
Rosie Forbes: I'm just trying to redirect some of that testosterone. You're a total... Maniac.
Maniac: [salutes] Todd "Maniac" Marshall, at your service, ma'am!

Wing Commander: Prophecy (1997) (VG)
[At the end of a briefing]
CAG: Oh, and one more thing. Major Marshall.
[Maniac has fallen asleep. Hawk licks his finger and sticks it in his ear, waking him up]
Maniac: Um, uh, present.
CAG: Major, you are now in command of the Black Widows squadron. I expect your Bravo wing to provide backup for Alpha.
Maniac: Yes, sir.
CAG: You're dismissed.
[the other pilots get up and leave the room]
Hawk: What's the problem, Major?
Maniac: After all these years, to finally have my own squadron.
Hawk: To be in control?
Maniac: Yeah.
Hawk: To be in command?
Maniac: Yeah.
Hawk: To be the one they string up when your squadron screws the pooch on a mission?
Maniac: Yeah... hey wait a minute!

Maniac: Something smell in here? No, something stinks in here, doesn't it? My eyes are watering... Oh, you know what, there's only one thing in the universe that could smell that bad.
[He turns and looks at Casey]
Maniac: A plebe.
[Casey looks up at him like a deer caught in the headlights]
Maniac: Fresh off the recovery deck and still reeking of the academy. Shoo, plebe. Get lost, OK? This isn't a sandbox. This is the table for the big, big - hey...
[the girls he was trying to impress walk off]
Maniac: This is the table for the big boys. Black Widows squadron.

Maniac: You know, I don't get it. I'm a great guy, you know? I'm the best pilot in Confed. People look up to me. So tell me this, why is it I can never get the girl? I mean, do some guys have all the luck or is it just me?
Maestro: It's you.
Maniac: [Spitting his drink out] What?