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Wing Commander (1999)
[Explaining why no one mentions the names of dead pilots]
Angel: Let me give you a reality check. In all likelihood you're going to die out here. We're all going to die out here, but none of us need to be reminded of that fact. So you die, you never existed. Understand?

[Blair is sitting in the cockpit of a parked Rapier fighter on the flight deck]
Angel: Two Dralthis on your tail. One above, one below. You got five, maybe ten seconds. Clock's ticking, what do you do?
Blair: Simple. I go vertical and inverted, do a 180 at full throttle, apply brakes and drop in behind them.
Angel: Bang, you're dead. Not fast enough. Dralthis are too quick, particularly in a climb. You've just taken a missle up your tailpipe. OK, let's reverse the situation, you're locked on a Dralthi, it goes evasive, enters an asteroid belt.
Blair: If I'm locked on, there's no such thing as evasive action.
Angel: And you're dead again. You see, it's an ambush, five or six fighters hide behind rocks the size of your swollen head and pants. A Kilrathi gangbang. What's the matter, did I bruise your ego?
Blair: No, I'm not used to getting combat tips from a grease monkey, that's all.
Angel: Lieutenant Commander Deveraux, your wing commander. You have a name?
Blair: Uh, Lieutenant Blair, ma'am.
Angel: Well Lieutenant Blair, if you want to play at being a fighter pilot I suggest you find a virtual fun zone. Meanwhile, step down from the Rapier.

[about a show-off fighter maneuver Rosie's just done while landing]
Angel: I hope it felt very good.
Rosie Forbes: Better than sex.
Angel: Bullshit.
Rosie Forbes: Better than sex with myself.

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994) (VG)
[Angel has been captured and is brought before Prince Thrakhath in the Emperor's giant throne room, in front of crowds of Kilrathi]
Prince Thrakhath: Still defiant, Colonel Devereaux? If we were to offer co-existance with your kind, would you not accept it?
Angel: The Kitrathi do not co-exist.
Prince Thrakhath: No, and now that the tide has turned in this war, your defiance is pathetic and useless gesture.
Angel: You bore me, Monsieur. Disintegrate me so I might join my comrades.
Prince Thrakhath: Disintegration is not for you. Your fate... will be different.
[she spits at him and he bristles]
Prince Thrakhath: The human cannot appreciate the honour that I am about to bestow her. She is not only a great warrior, but her lairmate... is The Heart of the Tiger.

[Blair looks at a photo in his locker and has a flashback of him and Angel enjoying some time together on a beach]
Angel: Is this forever?
Blair: Forever isn't long enough.
[they kiss passionately and the scene dissolves back to the dingy sleeping quarters. Blair walks away]