Missouri Moseley
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Missouri Moseley (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: Home (#1.9)" (2005)
Missouri Moseley: Well, let me look at you. Haha, ooh, you boys grew up handsome.
[laughs, looks at Dean]
Missouri Moseley: And you were one goofy-lookin' kid, too.
[Sam grins widely, amused]
Missouri Moseley: Sam.
[she takes Sam's hand, her tone turns sympathetic]
Missouri Moseley: Oh, honey. I'm sorry about your girlfriend. And your father. He's missin'?
Sam Winchester: How'd you know all that?
Missouri Moseley: Well, you were just thinkin' it, just now.
Dean Winchester: Well, where is he, is he okay?
Missouri Moseley: I don't know.
Dean Winchester: Don't know? You're supposed to be a psychic, right?
Missouri Moseley: [irritated] Boy, you see me sawin' some bony tramp in half? You think I'm a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can't just pull facts outta thin air!

Missouri Moseley: [to Jenny] Don't you worry, Dean's gonna clean up this mess.
[looks at Dean]
Missouri Moseley: Well what're you waitin' for, boy? Get the mop!
[reading his mind]
Missouri Moseley: And don't cuss at me!

Missouri Moseley: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I'm 'a whack you with a spoon!
Dean Winchester: I didn't do anything!
Missouri Moseley: Well you were thinkin' about it!

Missouri Moseley: Is that an EMF?
Dean Winchester: Yeah.
Missouri Moseley: Amateur!

Missouri Moseley: I don't know if you boys should be disappointed or relieved but this ain't the thing that killed your mom.

Missouri Moseley: [about Sam] That boy. He has such powerful abilities. Why he couldn't sense his own father, I have no idea.
John Winchester: Mary's spirit, do you really think she saved the boys?
Missouri Moseley: I do.
[John touches his wedding ring]

Missouri Moseley: John Winchester, I could just slap you! Why don't you go talk to your children?
John Winchester: I want to. You have no idea how much I want to see 'em. But I can't. Not yet. Not until I know the truth.

Missouri Moseley: [coming out with a client] All right then. Don't you worry about a thing. You're wife is crazy about you.
[client thanks her, she closes the door after him]
Missouri Moseley: Whew. Poor bastard. His woman is cold-bangin' the gardener.
Dean Winchester: Why didn't you tell him?
Missouri Moseley: People don't come here for the truth. They come for good news.
[the brothers stare at her]
Missouri Moseley: Well? Sam and Dean, come on already, I ain't got all day.

Sam Winchester: Okay, so, our Dad. When did you first meet him?
Missouri Moseley: He came for a reading. A few days after the fire. I just told him what was really out there in the dark. I guess you could say, I drew back the curtains for him.
Dean Winchester: What about the fire? Do you... do you know about what killed our Mom?
Missouri Moseley: A little. Your Daddy took me to your house. He was hopin' I could sense the echoes, the fingerprints of this thing.
Sam Winchester: And could you?
Missouri Moseley: A little.
Sam Winchester: What was it?
Missouri Moseley: [softly] I don't know. Oh. But it was evil.

Missouri Moseley: So. You think somethin's back in that house.
Sam Winchester: Definitely.
Missouri Moseley: I... I don't understand.
Sam Winchester: What?
Missouri Moseley: I haven't been back inside, but, I been keepin' an eye on the place and, it's been quiet. No sudden deaths, no freak accidents. Why is it actin' up now?
Sam Winchester: I don't know. But Dad going missing and Jessica dying, and, now this house, all happening at once, it just feels like something's starting.
Dean Winchester: Well that's a comforting thought.

Missouri Moseley: Well, there's no spirits in there anymore, this time for sure.
Sam Winchester: Not even my Mom?
Missouri Moseley: No.
Sam Winchester: What happened?
Missouri Moseley: Your Mom's spirit and the poltergeist's energy, they canceled each other out. Your Mom destroyed herself goin' after the thing.
Sam Winchester: Why would she do somethin' like that?
Missouri Moseley: Well to protect her boys, of course.
Missouri Moseley: Sam I'm sorry.
Sam Winchester: For what?
Missouri Moseley: You sensed it was here, didn't you? Even when I couldn't.
Sam Winchester: What's happening to me?
Missouri Moseley: I know I should have all the answers, but... I don't know.