Jo Harvelle
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Jo Harvelle (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: No Exit (#2.6)" (2006)
Dean Winchester: [while inside the wall] Should've cleaned the pipes.
Jo Harvelle: What?
Dean Winchester: I wish the pipes were cleaned.
Jo Harvelle: [pause] ...
Jo Harvelle: Shut up!

Jo Harvelle: You ripped off a cement truck?
[Looks at dean with surprise]
Dean Winchester: [Dean shrugs] Ill give it back
[Dean cheekily smiles]

Jo Harvelle: You can scream all you want, you dick! There's no way you're crossing that salt!

"Supernatural: Abandon All Hope (#5.10)" (2009)
Dean Winchester: So now we know where the Devil's gonna be, we know when, and we have the Colt.
Sam Winchester: Yeah. We just have to get past, eight or so Hellhounds and get to the farm by midnight.
Dean Winchester: And that's after we get Jo and Ellen the hell outta town.
Sam Winchester: Won't be easy.
Dean Winchester: Stretcher?
Sam Winchester: I'll see what we got.
Jo Harvelle: Stop. Guys, stop. Can we uh, be realistic about this please? I can't move my legs. I can't be moved. My guts are bein' held in by an Ace bandage. We gotta... we gotta get our priorities straight here. Number one, I'm not going anywhere.
Ellen Harvelle: Joanna Beth, you stop talkin' like that.
Jo Harvelle: Mom. I can't fight. I can't walk. But I could do something. We've got propane, wiring, rock salt, iron nails, everything we need.
Sam Winchester: Everything we need?
Jo Harvelle: To build a bomb, Sam.
Dean Winchester: No. Jo, no.
Jo Harvelle: You got another plan? You got *any* other plan? Those are Hellhounds out there Dean. They've got all of our scents. Those bitches will *never* stop coming after you. We let the dogs in, make a break for the building next over, and I can wait here with my finger on the button. Rip those mutts a new one. Or at least get you a few minutes head start anyway.
Ellen Harvelle: No, I, I won't let you!
Jo Harvelle: This is why we're here, right? If I could get us a shot on the Devil... Dean we have to take it.
Ellen Harvelle: No! That's not...
Jo Harvelle: Mom. This might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult? You might want to take it?
Ellen Harvelle: [crying] Well you heard her. Get to work.

[Ellen is staying behind with Jo]
Jo Harvelle: Mom, no.
Ellen Harvelle: Somebody's gotta let 'em in. Like you said, you're not movin'. You got me, Jo. And you're right. This is important. But I will not leave you here alone.
Sam Winchester: Dean...
Ellen Harvelle: Get goin' now boys.
Dean Winchester: Ellen...
Ellen Harvelle: I said go. And Dean? Kick it in the ass. Don't miss.
[they go; Ellen takes the chain off the door, breaks the salt line, preps the bomb]
Ellen Harvelle: [to Jo] I will always love you, baby. Honey?
[Jo is dead; Ellen sobs]
Ellen Harvelle: It's okay, it's okay. That's my good girl.
[the hellhounds approach, Ellen feels the breath of one on her face]
Ellen Harvelle: You can go straight back to hell you ugly bitch!
[she presses the button, the building explodes]

Dean Winchester: Hey.
Jo Harvelle: Hey.
Dean Winchester: Hmm. So, dangerous mission tomorrow. Guess it's time to eat, drink and, you know, make merry.
Jo Harvelle: Are you giving me the 'Last Night on Earth' speech?
Dean Winchester: What?
Jo Harvelle: What?
Dean Winchester: No.
Dean Winchester: No, but if I was, would that work?
Jo Harvelle: [smiles at him and sets her beer on the counter. She moves in closer, puts her hand close to the back of his neck and tilts her face up to his. Just as their lips are about to connect, she pulls back] No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect.
[she turns and laughs softly as she walks away]
Dean Winchester: [watches her walk away and raises his beer to his lips] If you're into that kinda thing.

"Supernatural: Simon Said (#2.5)" (2006)
Dean Winchester: Besides, if I ran off with you, I think your mother might kill me.
Jo Harvelle: You're afraid of my mother?
Dean Winchester: I think so.

Jo Harvelle: Your afraid of my mother?
Dean Winchester: [smiles] I think so.

[Jo is playing "Can't Fight This Feeling" on the jukebox]
Dean Winchester: REO Speedwagon? Really?
Jo Harvelle: Damn right, REO. Kevin Cronin sings from the heart.
Dean Winchester: He sings from the hair. There's a difference.

"Supernatural: Born Under a Bad Sign (#2.14)" (2007)
Dean Winchester: I'll call you later.
[he leaves]
Jo Harvelle: No you won't.