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Det. Diana Ballard (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: The Usual Suspects (#2.7)" (2006)
Det. Peter Sheridan: Talk directly to the camera. Start by stating your name for the record.
Dean Winchester: My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone. But I know who did. Or rather "what" did. Of course, it can't be for sure, because our investigation was interrupted. But our work in theory, is that were looking for some kind of Vengeful Spirit.
Det. Diana Ballard: Excuse me?
Dean Winchester: You know, Casper - the blood thirsty ghost.

Sam Winchester: [while digging out Claire's body] You know, this is bothering me.
Det. Diana Ballard: Well, you are digging up a corpse.
Sam Winchester: No, not that. That's, uh, that's pretty par for the course, actually.

Sam Winchester: Well, we've got to salt and burn her bones. Its the only way to put her spirit to rest.
[Smiles widely]
Det. Diana Ballard: [Deadpan] Of course it is.

Dean Winchester: Hey, uh, you wouldn't happen to know where my car is, by chance?
Det. Diana Ballard: It's at the impound yard down on Robertson... Don't even think about it.
Sam Winchester: It's okay, it's all right, don't worry. We'll, uh, we'll just improvise. I mean, we're pretty good at that.
Det. Diana Ballard: Yeah. I've noticed.

Dean Winchester: Can we make this quick, I'm a little tired. It's been a long day, you know, with your partner assaulting me and all
Det. Diana Ballard: I wanna know more about that stuff you were talking about earlier.
Dean Winchester: Time Life, Mysteries of the Unknown. Look it up.