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Layla Rourke (Character)
from "Supernatural" (2005)

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"Supernatural: Faith (#1.12)" (2006)
Dean Winchester: Hey, um, you know I'm not much of a praying type but I'm gonna pray for you.
Layla Rourke: Well, there's a miracle right there.

Sue Ann Grange: Layla.
Layla Rourke: Yes. I'm here again.
Sue Ann Grange: Oh, I'm sorry, but Roy's resting, he won't be seeing anyone else right now, honey.
Mrs. Rourke: Sue Ann, please! This is our sixth time, he's got to see us!
Sue Ann Grange: Roy's well aware of Layla's situation, and he very much wants to help just as soon as the Lord allows. Have faith, Mrs. Rourke.
[she goes back inside, Mrs. Rourke turns on Dean]
Mrs. Rourke: [angry] Why are you still even here? You got what you wanted!
Layla Rourke: Mom, stop.
Mrs. Rourke: No Layla, this is too much! We've been to every single service. If Roy would stop choosing these strangers over you... Strangers who don't even believe! I just can't pray any harder.
Dean Winchester: Layla what's wrong?
Layla Rourke: I have this thing...
Mrs. Rourke: It's a brain tumor. It's inoperable. In six months, the doctors say...
Dean Winchester: I'm sorry.
Layla Rourke: It's okay.
Mrs. Rourke: No. It isn't.
[to Dean]
Mrs. Rourke: Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?

[Sam finds the black altar with Dean's picture on it, his face crossed out in blood]
Sue Ann Grange: I gave your brother life, and I can take it away.
[Sam destroys the altar; Sue Ann traps him in the cellar]
Sue Ann Grange: Sam, can't you see? The Lord chose me! To reward the just and punish the wicked! And your brother is wicked, and he deserves to die just as Layla deserves to live! It's God's will. Goodbye, Sam.
[She leaves; Sam takes a piece of wood and uses it to punch out a window; cut to Roy about to heal Layla]
Rev. Roy Le Grange: Mrs. Rourke, pray with me now. Pray with me friends.
[cut to Dean in the parking lot; the lights go out around him, the reaper appears]
Rev. Roy Le Grange: All right now, all right now...
[Sue Ann chants, holding her cross, the reaper takes hold of Dean; Sam appears, snatches the cross from Sue Ann and smashes it]
Sue Ann Grange: No! Oh!
[the reaper releases Dean]
Rev. Roy Le Grange: [stopping] I don't understand.
Layla Rourke: I don't feel different.
[outside, Sue Ann falls to her knees before the broken cross]
Sue Ann Grange: My God! What have you done?
Sam Winchester: He's not your God.
Layla Rourke: Reverend?
Rev. Roy Le Grange: Sue Ann?
[the reaper appears to Sue Ann, grinning maliciously; she tries to run, but the reaper takes her]

Layla Rourke: I'm okay. Really. I guess, if you're gonna have faith, you can't just have it when the miracles happen. You have to have it when they don't.