Harry 'Steve' Morgan
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Harry 'Steve' Morgan (Character)
from To Have and Have Not (1944)

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The Breaking Point (1950)
Harry Morgan: [to Leona as she reaches into his shirt pocket for a cigarette] Yuh know, one of these days you're gonna get your arm broke reachin' for something that don't belong to yuh.
Leona Charles: It's all in a good cause.

Harry Morgan: [to Lucy] I get teed off sometimes. No sooner do I get my head above water than somebody pushes me down again!

Harry Morgan: Where can I find Harrigan?
Leona Charles: I don't know.
Harry Morgan: Where did you meet him?
Leona Charles: Sunday school.

Harry Morgan: Don't you like cock fights?
Leona Charles: [dismissively] All that trouble for an egg.

Leona Charles: Are you in trouble?
Harry Morgan: Up to my eyes I'm in trouble.
Leona Charles: Whatever it is - let it go.
Harry Morgan: I ain't got no choice. All I got left to peddle is guts. I'm not sure I got any. I have to find out.

Harry Morgan: You know, my wife dyed her hair.
Leona Charles: Coincidentally I've been thinking of letting mine grow out. Speaking of coincidences, I live in Number Seven. My friends just kick the door open.

Concho: You know, the heaviest thing in the world's a dead man. You ever lift a dead man before?
Harry Morgan: Sure, plenty of times... not many friends though.

Concho: Wanna drink?
Harry Morgan: I never drink.
Concho: You're very nervous.
Harry Morgan: That's because I've never been killed before.

Harry Morgan: Good daddies are hard to find.
Amelia Morgan: You weren't hard to find.

Harry Morgan: You women - you remember everything a guy says and then you hit him with it.

Harry Morgan: Load in lots of coffee. And tomatoes, you know how much I love tomatoes.
Lucy Morgan: No tomatoes. They're bad for you.