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Putman (Character)
from Club Dread (2004)

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Club Dread (2004)
[Putman runs up to Dave and Juan in the Pacman maze in a banana suit]
Putman: Mmm! Mmm! Mmmm!
Dave: Are you trying to tell us something boy? Is Timmy trapped in the well?
[Putman motions for them to follow him]
Juan: [singing while running after Putman] Follow thee banana, follow thee banana!

Putman: I was Andre Agassi's tennis partner for a week. I'm the one who taught 'Dre how to play Cocks and Quarters. Can you believe he'd never played Cocks and Quarters?

Sam: [thinking Lars escaped through a tiny window] He couldn't have.
Putman: He's far too large.

Putman: You've manacled me to my death-bed, you Piccadilly whore!

Jenny: Aren't you bringing any weapons?
Lars Bronkhorst: I have all the weapons I need.
Putman Livingston: Piss on that! I'm bringing a ma-she-tay!

Putman: David, you hated him for killing your parents. You see, what none of us did know, what none of us could know, was that David's parents were trampled to death at a Coconut Pete concert.
Jenny: What the hell's wrong with you Putman? Everyone knows Dave's parents got killed at a Pete show.
Juan: Way to bring up on a sore subject.

The Killer (Putman Livingston): [the killer stands over Putman and takes off his mask to reveal the killer is Putman] Take that bag off your head, love, and give us a kiss.
Putman Livingston: Wha...
[the killer Putman plants a kiss right on real Putman's lips before he wakes up, it was a dream]

Sam: [referring to lyrics form a Coconut Pete song] You know, octopus spelled backwards is supotco. Juan, isn't that Spanish for something?
Juan: Supotco? No. But, the word for shoe is zapato.
Sam: hmm, shoe.
Putman: [returning from being on stage] What'd I miss?
Jenny: Apparently somebody's going to get killed with a shoe.