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Gray Anderson (Character)
from "Jericho" (2006)

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"Jericho: Long Live the Mayor (#1.7)" (2006)
Gray Anderson: Are you going somewhere?
Eric Green: My father needs medication, stuff we don't have in town. Me and Jake are going to Rogue River to find it.
Gray Anderson: Are you sure thats a good idea?
Eric Green: Not really.
Gray Anderson: You be careful out there. You don't stop for anything. You don't even slow down. I mean it.
Eric Green: We'll be back before morning. Do you mind keeping an eye on things here?
Gray Anderson: Of course, don't worry about it.

Jake Green: I can talk to Jonah.
Gray Anderson: You can talk to Jonah? Find him - ...
Jake Green: He lived up to his end of the deal.
Gray Anderson: And why the hell are you protecting this guy?
Jake Green: I'm protecting this town. He can get things we're gonna need.
Gray Anderson: What can he get?
Jake Green: He can get food; he can get gas, he can get ammo. Could you get that stuff if we needed it tomorrow? Could you? 'Cause he can. We'll do this my way now.
[takes gun away from Gray]

"Jericho: Patriots and Tyrants (#2.7)" (2008)
Gray Anderson: [Speaking to Jake in Cheyenne] This convention is a sham, and when it's done, I, I don't think there's anything this government is not going to have the power to do in the name of national security.

"Jericho: One Man's Terrorist (#1.17)" (2007)
Gray Anderson: [Speaking in the office to Roger] It's a mathematical problem. We've got your friends plus another 50 who migrated here. That's too many people and not enough food.
Jake Green: We'll just have to figure out how to make what we have last.

"Jericho: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Sheriff: [gathering in sheriff's office] Well I figure two teams, there only so many places they can be.
Gray Anderson: Well what about the parents?
[crowd of parents begins to get louder]
Johnston Green: Folks. Folks. Folks!
[crowd dies down]
Johnston Green: Look, I know that every part of you wants to just rush out there. I don't blame you. But as your friend I'm asking you to think about that. You're safe here. What if, god forbid, you go out there and you get stranded and your child comes back an orphan. You know the sheriff and his men, you know they'll find your kids, so please.

"Jericho: Four Horsemen (#1.3)" (2006)
Gray Anderson: The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Jake Green: Let's hope not.