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Dale Turner (Character)
from "Jericho" (2006)

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"Jericho: Walls of Jericho (#1.4)" (2006)
Dale Turner: Why are you such a jerk when you're with your friends?
Lisa Whalley: Did I interrupt a lovers' spat?
Skylar Stevens: Stop it Lisa!
Lisa Whalley: You know what, I'm gonna go home. I only came here because you begged me to.
Skylar Stevens: Just... go home.

Dale Turner: That's a dollar 69.
Allison Hawkins: Ok.
Dale Turner: I got the last bag of corn chips.
Skylar Stevens: I'll give you $20 for them!

"Jericho: Long Live the Mayor (#1.7)" (2006)
Skylar Stevens: Please tell me that's diet.
Dale Turner: Cream soda.
Skylar Stevens: There used to be a whole case of diet here! Gracie promised that she would hold on to it for me.
Gracie Leigh: Not to worry dear. I tucked it away when we agreed on the price.

Dale Turner: Hey, did you hear?
Skylar Stevens: Hear what?
Dale Turner: Mr. Anderson's back, he says New York is still there.
Skylar Stevens: New York? My parents.
Dale Turner: They might be okay.
Skylar Stevens: My parents.
[cries and hugs Dale]

"Jericho: Black Jack (#1.13)" (2007)
Jake Green: It's like everyone checks in here at the main tent. They try and match buyers and sellers. They gave me three possibilities of sellers that might have the part for the windmill.
Dale Turner: It's like eBay.
[the group walks by a screaming man being whipped by a guard]
Heather Lisinski: Not like eBay.