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Heather Lisinski (Character)
from "Jericho" (2006)

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"Jericho: Black Jack (#1.13)" (2007)
Jake Green: It's like everyone checks in here at the main tent. They try and match buyers and sellers. They gave me three possibilities of sellers that might have the part for the windmill.
Dale Turner: It's like eBay.
[the group walks by a screaming man being whipped by a guard]
Heather Lisinski: Not like eBay.

Heather Lisinski: I shouldn't have sprung this on you. This is too weird.
Jake Green: What? What's weird?
Heather Lisinski: [pause] Okay.
[awkward chuckle]
Heather Lisinski: I kissed you. A month ago. And we haven't spoken since. Generally people speak after something like that.
Johnston Green: I'm just gonna... you know...
[turns sharply and walks away]

"Jericho: Fallout (#1.2)" (2006)
Heather Lisinski: Mind if I pitch in?
Jake Green: Do you know how to strip wires?
Heather Lisinski: Ever since junior high.
[he stares at her]
Heather Lisinski: Yeah, I was that popular.

[Jake is setting dynamite charges to blow up the mine shaft]
Heather Lisinski: Hey. Where'd you learn how to do that?
Jake Green: Knew a guy once.
Heather Lisinski: Did you blow him up?

"Jericho: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
[Jake has just saved Heather and a bus full of children]
Jake Green: What's your name?
Heather Lisinski: Heather.
Jake Green: Jake.
[she smiles]
Heather Lisinski: Nice to meet you Jake.
Jake Green: You too.

"Jericho: Federal Response (#1.5)" (2006)
[Emily has been hit by a powerline and is unconscious]
Lucas: Is she gonna wake up?
Heather Lisinski: Yes.
Lucas: With super powers?
Heather Lisinski: Probly not.

"Jericho: Walls of Jericho (#1.4)" (2006)
Stanley Richmond: I couldn't find an empty pesticide container so I though this water tank might do.
Heather Lisinski: No no no, we can't use steel, there is to much risk of static. One spark and the whole thing could blow sky high.
Jake Green: We don't have time to look for something else!
Heather Lisinski: We can't, well, who's gonna fill it?

"Jericho: Long Live the Mayor (#1.7)" (2006)
Heather Lisinski: I don't think this is such a good idea.
Jake Green: No choice.
Heather Lisinski: Well, then, at least let me do some work on the car.
Jake Green: There's no time, I have to go now. Wha-wait, you said it was sturdy.
Heather Lisinski: Well sturdy yeah but what if you need to out run something?
Jake Green: Why, how fast will it go?
Heather Lisinski: I don't know, 30, maybe 40 miles an hour- best case, down hill- and not for very long. See this is what I'm saying. Maybe you should go on horseback.
Jake Green: A horse is slower than that.
Heather Lisinski: A horse is less likely to explode.
Jake Green: I'll take my chances.
Heather Lisinski: Ok, well then at least open her up easy, make sure you have enough car left in case you need to ask for a lot in a hurry. And remember, the gas tank on the thing is on the left hand side, so if somebody decides to start *shooting* at you, make sure it's not on that side.
Jake Green: Ok, anything else?
[she looks worriedly at him, then kisses him]
Heather Lisinski: Come back in one piece.
[he chuckles]
Jake Green: I will, I promise.
[pause. She still has her arms around him]
Heather Lisinski: I-I thought you were gonna go.
Jake Green: I'm waiting on Eric.
Heather Lisinski: Oh.
[she pulls away]
Heather Lisinski: Um, watch out for giant irradiated ants out there.
[he laughs]
Jake Green: Always do.
Heather Lisinski: Ooook.
[she leaves while Jake stares after her]