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Chris Pratt (Character)
from The Lookout (2007)

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The Lookout (2007)
[from trailer]
Chris Pratt: I have the money. I have the power.

[first lines]
Chris Pratt: It only happens once a year, and then they die. It's like a mating ritual or something.
Kelly: Isn't that romantic?

Lewis: Can I tell you something? You won't get upset?
Chris Pratt: What?
Lewis: I don't think you should go home anymore.

Lewis: You know, here I am, sitting at home alone every night while you're out getting blown and God knows what else by Luvlee something, who probably has a friend, and what, you don't introduce me?
Chris Pratt: Lemons. That's what it is.
Lewis: That's what what is?
Chris Pratt: That's her last name.
Lewis: Luvlee Lemons? That's her name?
Chris Pratt: Well, it's her stage name. She's a performer. Or she was.
Lewis: Ah, and by stage I'm assuming you mean the kind with a pole?
Chris Pratt: What do you mean?
Lewis: Let's move on.

Chris Pratt: This your farm?
Gary Spargo: Uh, you know what, my uncle Bone found it and kind of negotiated with the owner.

Lewis: Hello?
Chris Pratt: Are you OK?
Lewis: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?
Chris Pratt: Because the lights are on. They're up there, aren't they?
Lewis: Just get out of here.
[Gary hits Lewis and grabs the phone]
Gary Spargo: Come on up here Chris, and let's talk about how we can figure this out.

Gary Spargo: Where is it?
Bone: He says he doesn't remember.
Chris Pratt: Lewis, you OK?
Lewis: [sarcastically] oh, I'm terrific.
Gary Spargo: Don't do this, Chris. Just tell me where it is.
Chris Pratt: I don't know where it is.
Bone: Bullshit.

Gary Spargo: I know you want to kill me.
Chris Pratt: [blurts out] I've gotta kill Bone first.

Lewis: What do you call a mushroom that walks into a bar and buys everyone a drink?
Chris Pratt: I don't know.
Lewis: A fungi.

Chris Pratt: I wake up.

[last lines]
Chris Pratt: I started skating again. I'm not as good as I used to be, but I'm okay. What happened that night along Route 24 is a part of me now. I just hope that one day Kelly will be ready to see me again and I can finally tell her what I've only been able to say in my dreams. Until then, all I can do is wake up, take a shower, with soap, and try to forgive myself. If I can do that, then maybe others will forgive me too. I don't know if that will happen, but I guess I'll just have to work backwards from there.

Chris Pratt: Once upon a time, I woke up. I took a shower with soap.