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Sarah Nolan (Character)
from Must Love Dogs (2005)

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Must Love Dogs (2005)
Carol: Where are your boob shirts?
[holds up Sarah's sweaters]
Sarah: What?
Carol: Your *boob* shirts!
Christine: Don't worry, I brought some of mine!

Christine: [Sarah is in the bath and not picking up the phone] Sarah, it's me, Christine. Pick up. Come on, Sarah. I already talked to Dad.
Sarah: [sighs and answers the phone] Who else knows?
Christine: No one.
Sarah: Come on, Carol has to know.
Christine: Why does Carol have to know? Couldn't I once know something before she does?
Sarah: [realizing] She's there with you, isn't she?
Christine: No.
Sarah: Hello, Carol.
Carol: [small beat] Hi, Sarah. I was telling Chris it's a shame I didn't know about this before because I would have called Uncle Chet. We could have doubled.
Sarah: Oh, no. This story is going to be immortalized into family history, isn't it? Told and retold at Thanksgiving dinner, year after year...
Carol: Oh, not just Thanksgiving. I think it's a good Christmas story to.
[both Carol and Christine laugh]
Sarah: Bye guys.
Christine: [laughing] Wait. Tell the truth. One a scale of one to ten how would you rate Dad as a date? Hot, super hot?
[Sarah hangs up]

[Jake and Sarah are trying to buy some condoms because neither of them had any; Jake returns from a store to the car]
Jake: They're out!
Sarah: How can they be out?
Jake: I have a theory about this. Everyone in the city is having sex at the exact same time... except for us. But we will press on.

Jake: That's what it was like when I met Sarah. Anyway that's what I
Sarah: I made you nauseous?
Jake: In a good way - I was lovesick.
Sarah: [laughing] That was good, honey.
title cards: [in front of two dogs who played Mother Teresa] No animals were harmed during the filming of this movie.
title cards: Though we were petted within an inch of our lives.

Carol: Hello! Don't worry, it's just me. I'm in the kitchen. I filled your freezer again. There's now enough meat to feed every guy who answered your ad and still...
[Walks in from the kitchen and sees Jake]
Carol: Whoa.
Sarah: Jake Anderson, my sister Carol. Jake did, in fact, answer the ad.
Jake: Do I get my meat?
[Carol tosses him the meat]

Bob: You sure you don't want to come in, we just opened a bottle of wine.
Sarah: Oh I think I'd rather die, but thank you.

Sarah: I want to be in love. I want to wake up next to someone and see them smile, do the whole Sunday breakfast thing, go out and get the paper, stay in bed together all day.

Jake: [Driving in search of condoms] So this pre-school of yours, it's what? Traditional, developmental, Montessori?
Sarah: Yeah, yeah, all that. Drugstore!

Deli Guy: Hi, can I help you?
Sarah: Single chicken breast please.
Deli Guy: You know for an extra $0.75 cents you can get the whole fryer here. Two breasts, two thighs and a wing, today's special.
Sarah: Thank you, I don't know when I'd eat all that.
Deli Guy: It's just an extra $0.75 cents.
Sarah: It's not the $0.75 cents, I hate to see food go bad.
Deli Guy: Oh, we got a hundred recipes here. You can always cook 'em up freeze 'em and...
Sarah: Look, Listen to me mister! I'm divorced ok? I eat alone, usually standing over the sink, I don't want a bunch of chicken hanging around, ok? Thank you.