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Quotes for
Courtney (Character)
from The New Guy (2002)

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The New Guy (2002)
Connor: I think I oughta go over there and kick his ass.
Danielle: That's great, because I've always dreamed of dating the expelled guy.
Courtney: Expelled guys rock!

Courtney: You wanna' come upstairs with me?
Dizzy: Um... I...
Courtney: You wanna' make out with me?
Dizzy: Uh... oh well...
Courtney: Wanna' take my clothes off with your teeth?
Dizzy: [silence]
Courtney: Ok, you talked me into it!
[as she moves towards the building]
Courtney: Aren't you coming?
Dizzy: Almost...

Courtney: Before I met Gil, I probably would've just looked at you with disgust and walked away wiggling my ass just so you'd know what you were missing.
Kirk: Yeah, well, the universe is upside down.
Courtney: And in a few minutes, you will be too.