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Quotes for
Danielle (Character)
from The New Guy (2002)

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The New Guy (2002)
Danielle: I don't even know what to call you.
Dizzy/Gil: Broke-dick seems to be popular.

Danielle: Carmen: more cheer, less pole dance, 'kay? You don't want guys stuffing bills down your panties.
Carmen: What panties?

Connor: I think I oughta go over there and kick his ass.
Danielle: That's great, because I've always dreamed of dating the expelled guy.
Courtney: Expelled guys rock!

Connor: You are not going over there.
Danielle: Well I wasn't. Now I am. Later.
Pete: Hey man, she just dissed you.
Connor: Dude! Shut up!

Connor: What was that about?
Danielle: Asking the new guy a favor.
Connor: And what could you possibly need from him?
Danielle: Just things I'm not getting elsewhere...

Connor: Oh, what? You're impressed because this guy showed up on a horse?
Danielle: No, I'm impressed because he showed up for me.
[to Dizzy]
Danielle: Let's go.
Pete: She just dissed you again.
Connor: Dude, do you *ever* shut up?