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Sonny Jim (Character)
from Romper Stomper (1992)

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Romper Stomper (1992)
Hando: [from behind Martin] Haaa!
[Martin spins around startled]
Hando: Nice place you got here.
Martin: Who the hell are you?
Sonny Jim: We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life. God sent us.

Sonny Jim: [while Davey holds Nguyen down, Sonny grabs his hand] Let's break some fingers.

Hando: [knock at bedroom door] What?
Davey: Hando, ah, Magoo.
Hando: [door flies open, and Magoo walks in] Magoo!
Magoo: Way to go!
[clasps hands with Hando]
Hando: Fuckin' Magoo! What are you doing here?
Magoo: Didn't have time to tell you we were coming, mate. Didn't know we were coming actually, just keep on driving forgot to fuckin' stop! Check this out.
[pulls Flea who's wearing a navy uniform into the room]
Flea: Joined up a couple months ago.
Hando: What for?
Flea: Needed a job, didn't I? Put you through school. At least you get to keep the hair short, bud.
Hando: You look like a fuckin' hippie with hair that long.
Sonny Jim: [enters the room and after wrestling with Flea and McGoo] I thought you wanted to shoot guns, mate.
Flea: I gonna get in a fuckin' sub, fire torpedos.

Sonny Jim: [as the Nguyen brothers are wrestled to the ground] Time to die, gook, time to fuckin' die.

Sonny Jim: I vote we get a 45 automatic and blow the head gook back to Singapore.
Hando: Saigon, stupid.
Sonny Jim: I fired a 45 at a range once. It was fine.
Bubs: You never fired a 45, don't shit me Sonny.
Sonny Jim: What would you know, baby bubs? An anti-static gun is big news for you.
Hando: We can get any sort of gun we want from Billy the Reverend. All we need is the cash, and we needed up front.
Megan: If you lot are going to shoot people...
Tracy: ...we're going.
Hando: Then go. We don't want any fuckin' passengers from here on in. So fuck off.
Tracy: Sonny do you want to come with us?
Sonny Jim: No. I want to kill gooks, gooks, gooks.
Tracy: We could go fruit pickin'.
Sonny Jim: I hate the fuckin' country, don't I.
Megan: All right then... you'll all end up fucked!
Hando: You'll end up fucked if you don't piss off.
[Hando jumps up, and Megan and Tracy run off]