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Quotes for
Shing (Character)
from A Better Tomorrow (1986)

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A Better Tomorrow (1986)
[as Ho and Shing are surrounded by police, Ho attempts to shoot Shing, but runs out of bullets]
Shing: Out of bullets? I guess I'll go surrender. I'll be okay. You on the other hand... You see, I have money. A few days in court, and I'll be a free man. If you have money, you can turn black to white. This, I learned from you. I pity your brother. Because of you, his white has become black, and it's your fault.

Mr. Yiu: [as he repeatedly keeps calling Shing a bastard] You bastard! You bastard! I told not to play with fire! Bastard. If Ho gives the police that tape... it won't just be your head, bastard! Our whole organization will collapse!
Shing: Have you finised? Bastard? Bastard? When I was making you rich, was I a bastard?

Shing: [as Mark endures a bloody beating by the Triad] Come on, being a hero is easy. Just jump. Times have changed. If you don't coopeate with us, that'll be your only choice. You can't go the police. You're as dirty as I am.
[He punches Mark, whose nose bleeds upon impact]

Shing: Business is good right now. I was hoping that you'd like to cooperate.
Ho Tse Sung: Why's that?
Shing: You're still our boss. Mark will handle money trafficking. I traffic the drugs. Earn some money for the company. There's too many old debts, we need you to get our money back.
Ho Tse Sung: Get to the point.
Shing: We need an insider at the police department. Maybe your brother? There's nothing better than having one of your own on the force.
Ho Tse Sung: Come here. I have something to tell you.
[drags Shing into a board room]
Ho Tse Sung: What if I don't accept?
Shing: Sung Tse Ho, I respect you, so I'm keeping that dead fish, Mark, here. But your brother knows no limits! He follows me everyday! If I didn't respect you, he'd be dead already!
Ho Tse Sung: Shing, one is my friend, one is my brother. If I can't promise you this, how can I walk out this door? I don't care if you insult me, but don't insult my friend! And if you dare hurt my brother... you'll live to regret it!

Shing: There's nothing better than having one of your own on the force.