Sung Tse-Kit
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Sung Tse-Kit (Character)
from A Better Tomorrow (1986)

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A Better Tomorrow (1986)
Ho Tse Sung: Kit...
Tse-Kit Sung: Don't ever call me Kit again! You will adress me as "Officer!"
Ho Tse Sung: Officer... I'm no longer the Big Boss. I haven't the Big Boss for a long time.

Tse-Kit Sung: She's my girlfriend. She helps take care of Dad. This is my big brother, Ho.
Jackie: Hi.
[She accidentally cuts the roses of a stem without looking]
Tse-Kit Sung: Don't worry, Dad's in good hands.

Tse-Kit Sung: [Kit poses a police officer] This is a search!
Ho Tse Sung: Don't joke with me.
Tse-Kit Sung: Turn around!
Ho Tse Sung: We both have guns. If you don't respect me, I won't respect you.
Tse-Kit Sung: Let's see who's not respecting the other.
[Ho turns around and finds out it's Kit, who is behind him]

Tse-Kit Sung: [interrogating Ho] Where you do work?
Ho Tse Sung: United Taxi Co.
Tse-Kit Sung: A regular job? Robbing with a taxi? Where do you live, thief?
Ho Tse Sung: United Taxi Co.
Tse-Kit Sung: Someone's willing to take in a thief like you?

Ho Tse Sung: A new girlfriend... I hope this time, it'll last.
Tse-Kit Sung: That depends on how she behaves.

Tse-Kit Sung: When I'm on duty, I never think of him as my brother.

Jackie: It's all your fault! You embarrassed me before I went on stage! You can't help in any way!
Tse-Kit Sung: You don't even have confidence in yourself. How can I help? They didn't say you failed. You don't know if it's hopeless.
[takes Jackie's violin case]
Jackie: Give that back to me!
[Jackie grabs the case and smashes it into a music judge's car window]
Jackie: Now, it's really hopeless!

Tse-Kit Sung: I'm the cop, he's the thief. In the eyes of the law, we're on different paths.