Lola Johnson
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Lola Johnson (Character)
from A Prairie Home Companion (2006)

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A Prairie Home Companion (2006)
Lola Johnson: This isn't really going to be your last show, is it?
Garrison Keillor: Every show is your last show. That's my philosophy.
Rhonda Johnson: Thank you, Plato.

Lola Johnson: What if you die some day?
Garrison Keillor: I will die.
Lola Johnson: Don't you want people to remember you?
Garrison Keillor: I don't want them to be told to remember me.

Yolanda Johnson: Isn't that a Carter Family song?
Lola Johnson: Who?
Yolanda Johnson: The Carter Family. Like us, only famous.

Lola Johnson: [singing] She shot that bastard in the heart, And ruined his nice suit!