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Tapling (Character)
from Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ship (1998) (TV)

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Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ship (1998) (TV)
[the aristocratic Mr. Tapling is assigned Cook's Mate on the quarantine voyage, and is helping the Steward to butcher a bullock]
Tapling: This is without question the most revolting experience of my entire life.
Steward: It has its advantages, sir.
Tapling: None that I can see.
Steward: The man with the hatchet gets to pick the choicest cuts.
Tapling: Indeed... show me.

Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: Where's Mr. Tapling?
Matthews: He refuses to rise from his bunk, sir.
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: Does he indeed?
[Below decks]
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: Good morrow, Mr. Tapling! When shall you grace us with your presence above decks?
Tapling: Never. There is no point.
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: The Moors have come to fetch their gold.
Tapling: The Moors? Don't let them aboard, set sail at once.
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: The gold is theirs by right.
Tapling: I will not see them, send one of the men.
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: I need my men, Mr. Tapling!
Tapling: I have pains in my body, I cannot move. The hand of Death is upon me.
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: In that case, you shall have no need for rations.
[Takes away his food]
Tapling: You would withold rations from a dying man?
Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: I would consider it my duty to help speed your release from this world, sir.
Tapling: [gets up] The Admiral will hear of this!

Acting Lt. Horatio Hornblower: [as the quarantine voyage ends] You served us well on the voyage, sir.
Tapling: [shrugs] No more than my fair share, and I've gained much in return. A new acquaintance with the cuts of a bullock and the worth of full bellies for the men. Such knowledge will serve me well.