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Quotes for
Isabel Fuentes Whitman (Character)
from Fools Rush In (1997)

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Fools Rush In (1997)
Isabel Fuentes: Love is a gift, Alex, not an obligation.

Alex Whitman: There was nothing I could do the deal starts July 1st.
Isabel Fuentes: Tell them to wait.
Alex Whitman: I can't do that.
Isabel Fuentes: Can't or won't?
Alex Whitman: I've worked to long, too hard...
Isabel Fuentes: To what? To share your life with someone who loves you? Who cares for you? Alex you have to be there everyday!
Alex Whitman: What do you think I've been killing myself for?
Isabel Fuentes: Oh come on you knew about this for a month, but you don't include me... Why are you afraid of me? Why do you alienate me from your life?
Alex Whitman: I don't... I don't know...
Isabel Fuentes: [sighs] Look I told you in the beginning... I have no problem raising this child on my own.
[walks away]
Alex Whitman: I thought we were a family...
Isabel Fuentes: [turns around] You don't understand the concept of a family! To you it's something you put up with on national holidays! Love is a gift, Alex not an obligation.
[turns and walks away]
Alex Whitman: Look this is the brass ring. I've worked my entire life for this kind of opportunity and I am not gonna throw it all away just because one night I put a five dollar ring on your finger in front of Elvis as a witness!

Alex Whitman: How've you been?
Isabel Fuentes: Pregnant.

[at the hospital]
Alex Whitman: Are you all right?
Isabel Fuentes: I'm all right.
Alex Whitman: Is the baby okay?
Isabel Fuentes: There is no baby.
Alex Whitman: What?
Isabel Fuentes: Look, Alex, I've been thinking. If I hadn't been pregnant, I wouldn't have gone to your house that night and we wouldn't have gotten married. The baby was the reason for us to be together.
Alex Whitman: That's not true.
Isabel Fuentes: I thought it was fate, but it was just a stupid, superstitious dream, you know? There are no signs, Alex. And we're too different and we will always will be.
Alex Whitman: So, what are you saying?
Isabel Fuentes: I'm saying we're not meant to be together.
Alex Whitman: No, don't do this. Not now.
Isabel Fuentes: Alex, this is not going to work.
Alex Whitman: Isabel, let me help you!
Isabel Fuentes: Get out, Alex. Get out!
[Alex starts backing slowly towards the ward doorway starring at Isabel]
Isabel Fuentes: Get out!

Isabel Fuentes: [before meeting her family] Whatever you do, don't tell them I picked you up outside a bathroom.

Isabel Fuentes: I pee really fast. I live with five brothers, three cousins and only one bathroom. Believe me - I can pee faster than anyone in the world.

Isabel Fuentes: No. No quiero oir nada. No quiero que me digas una palabra. Estoy harta de todas tus mentiras. Eso son todo lo que me has dicho. Cobarde.
Alex Whitman: What does that mean?
Isabel Fuentes: It means that you are a liar and a coward. That's what it means.
Alex Whitman: It sounded so much prettier in Spanish.

Alex Whitman: Isabel, don't jump.
Isabel Fuentes: I'm not going to kill myself, stupid. But if you come any closer, I'll throw your ass over.

Isabel Fuentes: It was a sign, Alex.
Alex Whitman: Of what?
Isabel Fuentes: That the baby would be Catholic.
Alex Whitman: Oh, well, then it's a good thing you weren't stopped in front of an IHOP.

Amalia: You left Alex with your brothers?
Isabel Fuentes: And Chuy.
Amalia: Oh, I better light another candle.

Isabel Fuentes: Alex, this is Chuy.
Alex Whitman: Chuy, hi. I'm Luke Skywalker.

Isabel Fuentes: [in labor, screaming at Alex] I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
Dam Policeman Delivering Baby: They always say that.

Alex Whitman: Where are you going?
Isabel Fuentes: You're not my favorite person right now.
Alex Whitman: Yeah, well, you either.

Dam Policeman Delivering Baby: These contractions are right on top of each other.
Alex Whitman: Did you hear that? He said these contractions are right on top of each ot her.
Isabel Fuentes: I'm not deaf - I'm in labor!

Alex Whitman: [Isabel tells Alex she's pregnant] But we were only together one night.
Isabel Fuentes: That's all it took.
Alex Whitman: And I used a condom. Lots of them.
Isabel Fuentes: Well, one didn't work.
Alex Whitman: But that's it's job! It's whole purpose in life is... to work.

Alex Whitman: Wait a minute! You snuck out on me, and I never heard from you again. And now you just show up, tell me you're pregnant, and I'm supposed to know exactly what to do? Well, I'm sorry, but I don't know, exactly, what to do.
Isabel Fuentes: That's the first good thing you've said all night.

Isabel Fuentes: Alex, don't do this. There is nothing to say.
Alex Whitman: Just wait a minute. There might be. This afternoon, I couldn't decide between a Texas burger and a tuna melt, but my life made sense, you know? And now I know exactly want I want, and my life doesn't make any sense. And I was doing fine this afternoon. I was doing great. That was me. It was me then. And now I'm with you and I don't know what happened but somewhere between the tuna melt and your aunt's tamales. I mean, I was actually worried that I'd already met the woman of my dreams at the dry cleaners or something and I was too busy to notice and you show up and I realize that's not true because you're the one. You are everything I never knew I always wanted. I'm not even sure what that means exactly, but I think has something to do with the rest of my life. And I think we should get married right now.

Isabel Fuentes: It was a sign.
Amalia: Of course, it was. God was telling him to quit that job and stay here with you.
Isabel Fuentes: No, I mean it was like a real sign with neon and stuff.