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Quotes for
Ted (Character)
from Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

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Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)
Larry Lipton: This guy gets his jollies from licking the back of postage stamps.
Ted: I can see that, depending on who's on the stamp.

Ted: I want to celebrate. You want to go see what Larry and Carol are doing?
Marcia Fox: I think they want to be alone.
Ted: Oh, right. Well, uh, what about you? Do you have plans?
Marcia Fox: You're taking me to dinner, right?
Ted: Right, absolutely! Only we can't sleep together, not tonight.
Marcia Fox: Why not?
Ted: Well, because I already slept with Helen Moss once today, and I'm not young and active like I used to be.
Marcia Fox: You'll do anything to catch a murderer, won't you?
Ted: Mmm-hmm.