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Quotes for
Tom Tom (Character)
from The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)

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The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)
Tom Tom: You shouldn't smoke, 'cause people die of it and sometimes they even get cancer

[first lines]
Tom Tom: Wow, after I jumped it occurred to me, life is perfect, life is the best. It's full of magic, beauty, opportunity, and television, and surprises, lots of surprises, yeah. And then there's that stuff that everybody longs for, but they only real feel when it's gone. All that just kinda hit me. I guess you don't really see it all clearly when you're - ya know - alive.

Tom Tom: The heart is a sleeping beauty and love the only kiss it can't resist. Even if its eyes lay open wide, there is a heart that sleeps inside. And it's to there you must be hastening. For all hearts dream, they dream only of awakening.

Detective Skinner: You'll do, take me to his room
Tom Tom: who... who... who...?
Detective Skinner: What are you an owl? The dead guy, Israel Goldstein
Tom Tom: Izzy
Detective Skinner: Is he what?
Tom Tom: Izzy was he
Detective Skinner: Right, Izzy, let's go
Tom Tom: [pointing upwards] Geronimo
Detective Skinner: Geronimo, Hi-Ho, let's go
Tom Tom: [smirks] Hi-Ho
Detective Skinner: [turns to a bystander] What is he, an idiot?

Tom Tom: Dixie was in a music band called The Beatles. Only they didn't know.

Eloise: So, why do you like me so much anyway?
Tom Tom: I don't know.
Eloise: Tom Tom, you know... you can't always say 'yes' or 'no' or 'I don't know'... you know... There must be a reason. And it would be nice to know what it is. So why don't you think about it and I'll wait.
Tom Tom: Love can never be portrayed the same way as a tree or the sea, or any other mystery. It's the eyes, with which we see. It's the sinner in the saint. It's the light inside the paint.

[last lines]
Tom Tom: All I ever wanted was to reach Eloise. Just to reach her. I did. And I ended up turning the world upside down along the way, even if just for a moment. Wow.

Tom Tom: She was the love of my life, even though hadn't actually met her - yet.

Tom Tom: Why did you call me an idiot?
Detective Skinner: Wild guess...

Tom Tom: Is was like in the day she lived in her body, but at night she left it for others. I always want to protect her, but Izzy said, don't worry no one can hurt her, she's not even there.

Tom Tom: I suppose Skinner was playing dumb too, but he was out of his league.

Tom Tom: You know, a man's home is a man's castle.

Tom Tom: And sometimes people die when they smoke, and sometimes they even get cancer.
Eloise: I can't die.
Tom Tom: Oh, you can't? You can't?
Eloise: I don't exist.
Tom Tom: So, how come?
Eloise: I'm fictional.

Tom Tom: The world was spinning fast that night. I just hoped I could hold on and be part of it.

Tom Tom: Izzy always said: It's good to specialise. So they'll think of you first.

Tom Tom: Venice is for lovers.
Eloise: So you're a pretty smooth operator?

Tom Tom: I think it was my ego that made me do it. I didn't even know I had one until I met Eloise.

Detective Skinner: No, don't be so fucking stupid.
Tom Tom: I am fucking stupid.

Tom Tom: Izzy had so many thoughts, he said he had to store them in my empty head where they'd be safe. If only I could let them out again.