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Quotes for
Garcia (Character)
from Buffalo Soldiers (2001)

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Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
Sgt. Lee: Hold for a second there... You got the time, son?
Garcia: [checking his gold Rolex watch] Oh yeah, it's almost 10.
Sgt. Lee: Well, that's a nice watch, show me that. Where'd you get that?
Garcia: My father, uh, gave it to me.
Sgt. Lee: Your father gave it to you? He must be quite a guy. What's he do?
Garcia: He's a barber.
Sgt. Lee: Barber? Gee, he must cut a lot of hair.

Garcia: How the fuck are we supposed to get the guns out of the nuke base if the training exercise is happening? If Berman's exercise lasts all weekend then there's no way we're gonna the guns out of there.
Squash: The only way is if the exercise finishes early.
Garcia: Yeah, man. If we're not dead by 1700, we're fucking dead!

Video: [watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on TV] Where is the Berlin Wall, anyway?
Rothfuss: It's in Berlin, you dumb fuck.
Video: Yeah, I know it's in Berlin, which country is it in?
Rothfuss: It's in Germany, man. Fucking... Germany. West Germany.
Squash: West Germany? Well, which one are we in, then? Are we in West Germany or are we in East Germany?
Video: We're in East.
Garcia: We're in West Germany, you idiot.
Squash: Well, what's the difference?
Garcia: Fucked if I know, man.