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Quotes for
Roberto (Character)
from Down by Law (1986)

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Down by Law (1986)
Roberto: I scream. You scream. We all scream. For ice cream.

Roberto: It is a sad and beautiful world.
Zack: Yeah, it's a sad and beautiful world buddy.

Roberto: [looking through his book of English phrases] If looks could kill, I am a-dead now.

Roberto: If looks can kill, I am dead now.

Roberto: Not enough room to swing a cat... Cat. The animal.

Roberto: I "ham" a good egg.

Roberto: Very strange mother, my mother.

Roberto: My father, no. He's very strong, but with the rabbit he is afraid.

Roberto: And now i have falled in love, at last. I have finded my new home. She has asked to me if I stay here, to live together with her forever and ever. Like in a book for children.