Gunvald Larsson
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Gunvald Larsson (Character)
from "Beck" (1997)

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Man on the Roof (1976)
Bohlin (civilian): Why the hell didn't you shoot him? I don't undertand...
Gunvald Larsson: Well no one's expected that. Do you have a license for that gun?
Bohlin (civilian):
Gunvald Larsson: Then you're in trouble

Malm: [a police helicopter has been shot down by the man on the roof] He shot down the helicopter.
Gunvald Larsson: So that's your conclusion?

Malm: [after the helicopter have been shot down] We'll have to call in the armed forces.
Martin Beck: What can they do?
Gunvald Larsson: [sarcastically] Bomb the house. Bring in the heavy artillery, or...
Martin Beck: Or what?
Gunvald Larsson: Or deploy paratroopers. We could even drop a dozen police dogs.
Martin Beck: Shut up, Gunvald.

"Beck: Pojken i glaskulan (#2.7)" (2002)
Gunvald Larsson: Every bloody murderer in this country seems to have our working schedule!

"Beck: Monstret (#1.6)" (1998)
Martin Beck: He was a little... broken... so I took him to the psychiatric clinic.
Gunvald Larsson: Well, good! Each man where they belong! One in the cell and one at the hospital. And I, I'm heading for the bar!