Zane Zaminsky
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Zane Zaminsky (Character)
from The Arrival (1996)

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The Arrival (1996)
Zane Ziminski: What's your point? There's always something that gives me false hope? That I'm wasting my life?
Char: I didn't say that. But you know, it's interesting that you did.

Phil Gordian: Zane, you don't look too good.
Zane Ziminski: I look like a can of smashed assholes.

Zane Ziminski: She's out of my bed, but still in my head.

Zane Ziminski: What do I want to do? I want to blow a hole in your head and donate your organs to science, but I've got a few questions first.

Char: Why'd they leave?
Zane Zaminski: They didn't leave.
Char: How do you know?
Zane Zaminski: Because we aren't dead yet.

Zane Ziminski: I come to you with what may be the preeminent discovery of the 20th century, the possibility of extra-solar life, and I get shit-canned for it?

[right before he kills an alien]
Zane Ziminski: Do you want to see the ruins, my friend?

Zane Ziminski: Here's a tip: If you ever get the chance to travel with a Mexican rodeo... pass.

Zane Ziminski: What is this, Tales from the Darkside?

Ilana Green: You know, I must say, Zane, I really enjoyed our talk tonight. It's uncommon for me to find someone who can actually grasp the things that I'm passionate about.
Zane Ziminski: Yeah, I hear ya.