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Philippa (Character)
from Heaven (2002/I)

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Heaven (2002/I)
Philippa: I don't want to escape punishment. I've killed four innocent people and I want to answer for that, but before I do, I want to kill him.

The Inspector: Place of birth?
Philippa: Bristol.
The Inspector: Profession?
Philippa: Teach. I'm a teacher.
The Inspector: Marital status?
Philippa: Um, I don't know.
The Inspector: You don't know whether you're married or not?
Philippa: I was in the process... I was getting divorced, but my husband died during proceedings.

Philippa: Why did you change the plan?
Filippo: My father always said, at the right moment, you have to do what nobody expects.

[last lines]
Filippo: Now.
Philippa: Yes, now...

Philippa: But what you don't know is I've ceased to believe.
Filippo: Ceased to believe in what?
Philippa: In sense. In justice. In life.