Mrs. Fairfax
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Mrs. Fairfax (Character)
from Jane Eyre (2011)

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Jane Eyre (2011)
Mrs. Fairfax: No one knows how it started. I expect that Mrs. Poole took too much of the Gin and water as she slept the lady, Mrs. Rochester, unlocked the keys. She did what she failed to do a year ago, set the whole place to fire. We would have all perished in the smoke but Mister Rochester would not rest until we were all safe. Then he went in for her. The flames were tearing up so high it brought men running from the village. I saw her standing on the roof, the very edge. I heard Mister Rochester beg her to come down but she jumped. Mister Rochester remained as if he would not move until the fire consumed him.

Mrs. Fairfax: How very French!

Jane Eyre: [as the walk through the darkened house with candles] Am I meeting Ms. Fairfax tongiht?
Mrs. Fairfax: Who?
Jane Eyre: Ms. Fairfax, my pupil.
Mrs. Fairfax: Oh, you mean Ms. Varens, Mr. Rochester's ward. She's to be your pupil.
Jane Eyre: Who's Mr. Rochester?
Mrs. Fairfax: Why, they owner of Thornfield Hall. Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester.
Jane Eyre: I thought Thornfield Hall belonged to you.
Mrs. Fairfax: [extremely flattered] Oh bless you, child. What an idea? Me? I'm only the housekeeper.

Jane Eyre: [after accepting Rochester's proposal] Am I a monster? Is it so impossible that Mr. Rochester should love me?
Mrs. Fairfax: No. I have long noticed you were a sort of pet of his. But you're so young and you're so little acquainted with men. I don't want to grieve you child, but let me just put you on your guard. Gentlemen in his position, well let's just say, they're not accustomed to marry their governesses. Until you are wed, distrust yourself as well as him. Please, keep him at a distance.