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Quotes for
Jonathan Switcher (Character)
from Mannequin (1987)

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Mannequin (1987)
Jonathan: A radio shrink? They're only good for people with problems that fit between the commercials.

[coming out of the elevator]
Jonathan: Easy Felix. I don't think she's armed!

Jonathan Switcher: [Jonathan has just punched out Felix, sending him to the floor] That teaches him to mess with a man and his mannequin.

[Jonathan is explaining to Roxie about the first time Emmy came to life]
Roxie Shield: You could've decided to tell me that you wanted to stand me up. Instead you come here to be lying with this ridiculous story!
Jonathan Switcher: I'm not lying. I'm insane.

Mannequin Factory Boss: You know you could get the dummy of the week award Switcher.
Jonathan Switcher: She turned out pretty good, didn't she.
Mannequin Factory Boss: I wasn't talking about her.

Roxie Shield: I'm not the one who can't deal with reality.
Jonathan Switcher: Reality is very disappointing.

Jonathan Switcher: What time do you open?
Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: We are open.

Jonathan Switcher: I'm helping Hollywood with the window.
Felix: Oh the little Mary has an assistant now? Where do you people come from?
Jonathan Switcher: Ohio.

Jonathan Switcher: Hollywood I don't know about men's thighs, they look fine to me.
Hollywood Montrose: Albert called me 'cellulite city'.

Ema 'Emmy' Hesire: I just wish you didn't look so worried.
Jonathan Switcher: That's easy for you to say. You're a mannequin, you'll always have work.