Kyle Walsh
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Kyle Walsh (Character)
from Darkness Falls (2003)

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Darkness Falls (2003)
Michael: She won't come in the light.
Kyle: Who?
Michael: YOU KNOW WHO.

Officer Matt Henry: This thing's gonna kill us isn't it?
Kyle: Probably.
Officer Matt Henry: All this over a fuckin' tooth.

Dr. Travis: Are you crazy?
Kyle: Yeah, a little bit.

Caitlin: I can't believe you came.
Kyle: That makes two of us.

Officer Matt Henry: You're Crazy, Walsh.
Kyle: Crazy isn't what it used to be.

Kyle: I see you... bitch

Officer Andy Batten: Is she gonna get me?
Kyle: Yes.

Nurse: What is wrong with you people! What's he doing here? I'm calling the police.
Kyle: Police are dead.
Caitlin: All of them?
Kyle: Pretty much.

Kyle: When this hospital goes dark. We're all dead.

Kyle: We stay in the light, we stay alive.