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Martin (Character)
from In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

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Too Fat Too Furious (2005)
[in a driving airplane]
Martin: We're gonna crash!
Bennie: But we haven't even taken off yet!

Bennie: This is Vuk. He's into electricity.
Martin: Electricity? But there's nothing wrong with that.
[Vuk is electrocuted and falls to the ground]
Bennie: Yup. There is now.

Peter: [explaining his plan] Okay. Bennie, this is you.
[takes a thick bottle]
Bennie: [looks at Peter angrily]
Peter: [takes a thin bottle] Then eh... this is you. Okay. During visiting hours you sign in, and then the guards take you to Koen. And Koen is located here, in the middle of the square. In the meantime, we place a crane worker in one of the alleys next to the prison. And when we place the crane so that it, at its maximum height, makes a 45 degree angle, together with that pole, we shoot a grappling hook with a bungee chord and a heavy cable. And that we attach to this pole. So the only thing you'll need to to is grab hold of Koen and cut the chord...
[demonstrates with the bottles]
Peter: And at an open area nearby we have placed some mattresses, where you'll land. And the car's there too, so we can drive straight back to the Netherlands.
Martin: [laughs at the hilariously stupid idea]
Bennie: Fine. We'll do it.

Martin: Bennie, what we don't understand is that this guy's only had some parking tickets and for that he's in the best secured prison of Belgium.
Bennie: Life ain't fair.

Martin: [about Koen] Bennie, he murdered five women! And raped them!
Bennie: [about the rapes] Jees man, they didn't feel a thing. They were dead already.

In China They Eat Dogs (1999)
Martin: What the fuck do we know? We are only chefs