William Williams
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William Williams (Character)
from American Dreamz (2006)

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American Dreamz (2006)
Mrs. Kendoo: Hello William.
William Williams: Hi Mrs.Kendoo, is Sally there?
Mrs. Kendoo: No she's in New York with agents.
William Williams: Tell her I joined the army, I miss her and I got her face tattooed on my arm.

William Williams: I guess you two think I'm stupid. I guess you all think I'm stupid. Well, I'll show you how stupid I am: I'm going to blow myself up with this bomb I found.

William Williams: So do you have any advice for me?
Soldier Chuck: Yeah, don't get shot.
[shots fired at truck]
William Williams: [holding his arm] Ow! What was that?
Soldier Chuck: You got shot!
William Williams: Oh no! My tattoo!