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Capt. Schultz (Character)
from To Be or Not to Be (1942)

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To Be or Not to Be (1983)
Anna Bronski: They say its going to be a really cold winter.
Capt. Schultz, of Erhardt's Staff: I don't know anyzing about zat!

Capt. Schultz, of Erhardt's Staff: [SPOILER] Colonel, Professor Siletski's on the phone!
Colonel Erhardt: Professor Siletski? You didn't tell him he was dead?

Colonel Erhardt: [Referring to Bronski in the next room] Relax, Schultz! Zis iz ze intellectual approach...
Capt. Schultz, of Erhardt's Staff: And what if he's not an intellectual?
Colonel Erhardt: [referring to the two SS officers nearby] Zen zey'll break every bone in his body!

To Be or Not to Be (1942)
Capt. Schultz: But what if he doesn't talk?
Colonel Ehrhardt: Then we try a little physical culture.